The Zones are the central concept in Zone Manager.

Zones are any type of delivery point, such as a loading bay at a warehouse or material delivery point on a building site. Zones can also be resources that need managing, such as cranes and hoists.

Small sites may have just one or a couple of buildings serviced by the same cranes. Larger sites tend to have two or more buildings each with their own cranes and hoists which need to managed separately. Sites may have just a single entrance or many separate gates. In Zone Manager, each building can have its own set of Zones and user access can be restricted so a contractor can work and make bookings only within an allocated building. Zones can be added as the project develops and grows.

As the number of Zones grows the Diary could become difficult to manage, but Zone Manager has a feature whereby you can restrict the view for each user to ensure they only view what they need to work with. Resource-Zones such as cranes, hoists and forklifts are colour coded in the diary for easy viewing.

Key features: 

  • Add or change Zones as the project progresses
  • Re-order the sequence in which Zones are shown in the Diary as required
  • Assign gates to Zones
  • Block access to Zones at particular times of day or on certain dates
  • Specify rules for Zones such as capacity to control which vehicle type can access which Zone