Logistics Contractors

Zone Manager for Logistics Contractors
Logistics Contractors

As a Logistics Contractor or larger construction business it is likely that you have more than one site active at any one time. With Zone Manager’s multi-site capability you can manage several sites with a single installation of Zone Manager. Sites can be given a web based delivery management system in minutes making it feasible to use web based delivery management for even the shortest project.

Cost Benefits

This saves costs considerably as the cost of hosting the Zone Manager site is spread across the sites. Typically the cost of operating Zone Manager can be reduced to a 30% of the cost of having separate Zone Manager installations for each site.

Operational BenefitsLogistics Contractors

Site Managers can be given access to one or many of the sites being operated.  The system manager has access to all sites.  Setting up a new site can be done in minutes.  Initial setup can be done centrally by a manager who has experience of Zone Manager and site users be given access to just the day to day operational features they need.

Trade Contractors may well be operating on more than one site and they can be given access to multiple sites using just one login.

Reporting can be done per site but it is also possible to run cross site reports enabling comparison and benchmarking.

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