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Construction Logistics

As a per license, web -based tool Zone Manager is a simple to use, yet powerful software service. It offers new ways for you to manage your projects, offering many practical benefits within day-to-day operations.

Zone Manager is a tried and tested solution that be up and running in a matter of days. It has been developed by a company that has been working in the construction business for 30 years and who is very familiar with the day to day practicalities of a modern construction site.

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Zone Manager provides users with an easy to use yet powerful means of managing supplier deliveries and site resources such as cranes and hoists. It brings a range of proven benefits such as improved supplier performance, reduced management effort and minimised congestion on site.
How long does it take to set up?
Zone Manager takes as little as a week to set up and time needs to be allowed to capture configuration data.
What constitutes as a 'zone'?
Zones are:
-Delivery points (gates or offloading points)
-Cranes, hoists or lifts
-Any ‘resource’ which needs to be booked or managed.
What platforms is Zone Manager compatible with?
Zone Manager is browser based and so works across any platform with a compatible browser.
How easy is it for contractors to access?
Contractors can access it much like any online service but they must sign in before they can see or do anything.
What different levels of user access are there for the portal?
The access levels are: Administrator, Supervisors, Contractors and Gate Operators all of which have different levels of access.
What format do the schedules come in?
Schedules are shown both on an interactive diary and on booking lists.