Zone Manager

Zone Manager, the powerful Site Delivery Management System

Zone Manager is a multi-user logistics planning and site delivery management system with uses across many industries.

Within the construction industry Zone Manager allows site mangers to monitor their suppliers and deliveries as well as manage site resources such as cranes and hoists.

Zone Manager goes far beyond other booking systems, by being a real-time management tool used to control events as they happen, such as arrivals and departures, highlighting when unplanned activity occurs minimising wasted time rescheduling.

Zone Manager Delivery Management System Zone Manager Delivery Management System

Powerful logistics software for everyone

As a per license, web -based tool Zone Manager is a simple to use, yet powerful software service. It offers new ways for you to manage your projects, offering many practical benefits within day-to-day operations.

Zone Manager helps logistics and site managers plan, execute and report on their operations 

Apart from logging vehicle details, arrival times and departure times, you can use the Zone Manager to track materials and delivery quantities.  All events, both planned and actual, are logged on the system. This provides an invaluable resource for automated reporting, review and analysis.

Zone manager helps suppliers visiting, and supplies arriving at site 

This Delivery Management System provides contractors and suppliers visiting your site with information on all aspects of the construction site, enabling them to request delivery slots. Zone Manager is your one stop solution for your construction project management requirements.


Zone Manager Delivery Management System Zone Manager Delivery Management System


Zone Manager helps you manage the environmental impact of construction projects

Implementing this strategic tool is the more effective way of monitoring, and reducing, environmental impact, such as local congestion, waste and carbon emissions.

Zone Manager Delivery Management System Zone Manager Delivery Management System

Zone Manager, your tool to support governance around security and compliance

Zone Manager software will ensure you have full control over who and what is coming to your site.  Implementing Zone Manager ensures only authorised deliveries are allowed on site. Further to this Zone Manager records that you have provided crucial site safety information to contractors and sub-contractors allowing them to arrive at site briefed.


Zone Manager provides live reporting wherever you are

Whether managing your construction project from a site office or further afield the software behind Zone Manager will ensure you have an accurate, live view of arrival of people and supplies to your site as well as total transparency of the usage, planning and movement of site resources.

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