Zone Manager for Retail Outlets

RetailZone Manager is a powerful, fully featured Retail Delivery Management system.

Shopping and retail centres often have limited access to delivery areas and loading bays.  Access times are often restricted to prevent conflict with peak customer times.  Sustainability and standards such as BREAMM are increasingly key issues for retailers.  Zone Manager can be used as a delivery management system for retail outlet deliveries, to help manage, control and provide reporting.

The Zone Manager system provides a central control structure for the site administrators giving them an overview of all activities. The web based interface for delivery bookings enables suppliers to see available delivery times and to request or book time slots on the delivery points within a site.

Delivery points and docks can be managed centrally or separately by the individual building, business or shop operators.   Arrivals are booked in at any one of the security gates, updating the delivery status immediately.

Security is one of retailers priorities and therefore ensuring that only booked and planned deliveries arrive is essential.

Zone Manager is the ideal planning and execution tool for the Retail sector.  For more information contact

Zone Manager is also ideally suited for use during the construction phase of a retail outlet.

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