Zone Manager is a product of The Logistics Business - Construction and retail logistics

The product was initially designed to meet the rigorous demands of the FMCG sector, but today most industry sectors require on-time performance, Just-In-Time deliveries and a zero-waste attitude to resource utilisation. Therefore Zone Manager can fit in almost anywhere.

  • Retail space is at a premium, particularly in inner city areas. Therefore in-store stock is extremely limited and the retailer depends on timely deliveries. Congestion and access is often a problem – Zone Manager is the ideal planning and execution tool – read more about Zone Manager in Retail logistics.
  • All kinds of warehousing operations need to control both the receiving and delivery end of the operation. ERP systems, SAP or Warehouse Management Systems may have Delivery Management modules or Yard Management functionality added to them. These are large, complex and often inflexible systems. There is something to be said for a stand-alone, extremely flexible and easy to use system – read more about Zone Manager in Warehousing.