Zone Manager (Delivery Management System) Sellafield Conference

The ongoing de-commissioning of the Sellafield nuclear site involves up to 200 deliveries a day, causing considerable congestion, sometime up to four hours. To manage this,  Sellafield has partnered up with logistics contractor Peterson, who engaged Zone Manager to develop a bespoke Delivery Management System (DMS) using the latest ‘Zone Manager’ software platform.

‘Zone Manager’ is an advanced cloud-based DMS system, successfully used in over a 100 projects world-wide, ranging from Blackfriars station in the Centre of London to the AU$ 2.7 billion Royal Adelaide Hospital, due to open in 2016.

‘Zone Manager’ was due to go live at Sellafield at the start of 2016, and four information sessions were organised for suppliers at the Energus conference centre in Workington, spread over two days on 9 and 10 November 2015.  Delegates from between 200 and 250 companies attended the sessions.

Paul Shawcross, Programme Manager, Sellafield opened the session, followed by James McSporran, Regional Director, Peterson.  ‘Zone Manager’ case studies were then shared to explain how a DMS system can have such a big impact on improving goods flow and reducing congestion. The expectation is that a combination of consolidating the smaller loads, scheduling the arrival at the gate of the remaining loads in 15 minute slots and using a live up-to-date system will make it possible to solve the congestion completely.

In addition the the system is easy to use based on the design principles that ‘making a booking should be possible in under five minutes and as easy as shopping online at Tesco’. This booking process was explained in more detail by Nick Hoare, Senior Systems Consultant, Zone Manager

The sessions finished with lively Q&A’s. The system went live in January 2016.