Construction Sector

Bringing Supply Chain thinking into the Construction Industry Zone Manager is a pioneer in the application of modern logistics solutions within the construction industry. Too often Construction Logistics is narrowly applied to on-site handling, when in fact this is simply the tip of the iceberg. The most effective construction logistics solutions require an all-encompassing supply chain management approach. Making sense of a logistics approach takes many construction managers out of their comfort zone, but with our unparalleled knowledge of construction...

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Zone Manager – Construction Delivery Management and Planning System

Now available world-wide using Cloud Computing, Zone Manager is a world class Delivery Management and Planning System designed and developed specifically to improve supplier performance and site management on construction projects, of all sizes. It provides construction managers with an easy to use yet powerful means of managing supplier deliveries and site resources such as cranes and hoists.  It brings a range of proven benefits such as improved supplier performance, reduced management effort and minimised congestion on site. Most importantly,...

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Using Zone Manager with an Offsite Holding Park

With limited space on a site there is often not enough room to hold waiting delivery vehicles. This can mean that at times, for example first thing in the morning, they are forced to wait in the street causing disruption to traffic. A common answer to this problem is to have an off-site holding area. All deliveries are directed to this area. From here they can be transferred on-site at the appropriate time, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic through...

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