Zone Manager is a fully featured, stand-alone Dock and Delivery Management System

Zone Manager provides full control of your docks and vehicles through a simple, multi-user interface and offers real time visibility of events on the site. This easy to use, stand-alone system is available from as little as £10,000 while providing the functionality and features of much more expensive systems. Features particularly useful in warehouse applications include: Fully configurable docks (incoming only, outgoing only, mixed use) 24 hour diary to book loads and deliveries onto incoming and outgoing docks Security gate...

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Zone Manager in the Cloud

Internet Access to Zone Manager It is now possible to operate a fully featured Zone Manager system entirely through the Internet. No software needs to be installed and almost all installation, maintenance and support issues are solved at a stroke. High speed broadband access is available whatever the site connectivity is like. The system can be up and running in days. Not so long ago, if you wanted to make use of the features and functionality offered by a software...

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Using Zone Manager with an Offsite Holding Park

With limited space on a site there is often not enough room to hold waiting delivery vehicles. This can mean that at times, for example first thing in the morning, they are forced to wait in the street causing disruption to traffic. A common answer to this problem is to have an off-site holding area. All deliveries are directed to this area. From here they can be transferred on-site at the appropriate time, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic through...

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