Zone Manager is a fully featured, stand-alone Dock and Delivery Management System

Zone Manager provides full control of your docks and vehicles through a simple, multi-user interface and offers real time visibility of events on the site.

This easy to use, stand-alone system is available from as little as £10,000 while providing the functionality and features of much more expensive systems.

Features particularly useful in warehouse applications include:

  • Fully configurable docks (incoming only, outgoing only, mixed use)
  • 24 hour diary to book loads and deliveries onto incoming and outgoing docks
  • Security gate module for booking vehicles
  • Dock operations functions
  • Pallet board tracking
  • Web interface for suppliers and hauliers
  • Haulier selection functions
  • Yard management features
  • Multi-site capabilities
  • Integration with other systems through add-on modules