Zone Manager in Detail

Zone Manager contains all the functionality you will require from a delivery management software.

Key Features

Hosted Service: The full Zone Manager system can be offered as a hosted system requiring no local software installation. All access is via an Internet connection. Check here to view configurations

  • Add hoist, crane or lift bookings linked to a delivery directly on the diary
  • Full material detail entry via the web interface
  • Automatic email of booking changes
  • Control trade contractors with new rules allowing a trade contractor to be restricted to certain buildings, gates or zones and be restricted to only certain vehicle types
  • Govern which gates can be used for which zones
  • Improved web interface, with enhanced diary screen sizing and the ability for users to hide zones they don’t use.
  • Environmental impact tracking, including full or part loads and distance travelled.

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General Features

  1. The Diary
  2. Configuring Zones
  3. Showing the Diary to everyone
  4. At the Gate
  5. Keep Trade Contractors in line

Zone Manager Web

Adding internet access to Zone Manager provides a range of benefits for larger, busier or geographically split operations.

  1. Zone Manager Web Features