Zone Manager getting you out of the Congestion Jam

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Such is the concern about the potential local environmental impacts of major construction projects that the UK government has published a specific framework for the assessment, control and management for matters such as construction traffic that will be necessary during construction of the schemes such as HS2.

And it’s a concern that site managers often share. Managing contractors, sub-contractors and deliveries arriving at site can be worry enough without throwing into that the concerns voiced by local residents about congestion, safety and emissions.

Councils and project awarding bodies will be all to ready to stipulate their expectations regarding traffic management and local impacts of a planned project. The decision to award the project could also be heavily weighted by an organisations ability to respond to these requirements and offer assurances around performance.

Just a few of the commitments sought could focus on areas such as:

  • routing of construction vehicles
  • access arrangements to the site
  • the estimated number of vehicles per day/week
  • details of any planned vehicle holding area
  • estimates for the number and type of parking suspensions that will be required
  • details of any diversion, disruption or other abnormal use of the public highway during works
  • work programme and/or timescale for each phase of works

Using Zone Manager, a fully customisable, configurable delivery management system, can help site managers plan and manage these requirements and deliver reporting which can be utilised to offer reassurance to concerned bodies during the project.

Zone Manager enables you to ensure that anyone delivering to site is fully briefed on safety requirements, routes to site and potential hazards. Zone Manager also supports site managers in ensuring that all deliveries arriving at site are carrying the proper identification and permits and arrive to a schedule which maximises efficiency and reduces local impacts. The configuration can even be scaled to record details of drivers.

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