Zone Manager Example Configurations

Zone Manager provides benefits for small and large operations alike. From a small site with a single gate and a couple of unloading areas to a multi-project site with many gates, unloading areas and cranes. Below are some examples of how the Zone Manager has been used.


MediaCityUK is a major 200 acre site which has over 7 million sq. ft of new and refurbished floor space for business, retail and residential property.  It is the new home for the BBC in Manchester. This is a very large site and it had several gates onto it from surrounding roads. Yet despite its size it had limited space for holding vehicles on site. An off-site area was found to allow delivery vehicles to be marshalled prior to being sent to site.

Zone Manager was used to help with the Delivery Management on the site. Connolly Construction Facilities Management (CCF) opted for the full system, including the web based interface. They decided to allow Trade Contractors to make their own bookings directly via the web which reduced the workload for CCFs logistics team considerably.  It was, of course, tightly controlled. Zone Manager’s ability to restrict contractors to specific zones and times, and the ability to prevent ‘last-minute’ changes, were therefore very important.

St. Davids 2, Cardiff

St. Davids 2 is the largest private financial investment in Wales. The scheme builds on present assets including the existing St. Davids shopping Centre and much of the Hayes. An off-site marshalling yard was used and vehicles were called into the city only when necessary. The Zone Manager configuration consisted of a small LAN in the main offices in Bute Terrace together with a remote display at the site entrance. The logistics team entered bookings onto the system and these were made visible via large screen displays in the project offices. The site entrance was some distance away and did not have LAN connectivity. The remote display was connected via broadband internet connection.  The site was operated by Wilson James.

Canary Wharf, London 

East Canary Wharf is continuing its development of its site with further construction on the east side of the estate. The building on site are managed by separate teams. Deliveries are received first at a lorry holding park. Zone Manager is used by all the logistics team. Suppliers make bookings themselves directly on the system via the web. Strict rules are maintained as to the duration of slots, how far in advance they can be booked and the deadline for any changes. The logistics managers only deal with any conflicts and to prevent misuse. Vehicles are booked-in in real time at the lorry holding park entrance. Unscheduled deliveries are usually turned away. The supplier-contracts specify how the Zone Manager must be used.