Zone Manager – Delivery Management Software

Welcome to Zone Manager

Zone Manager is a powerful multi-user planning and real-time operational tool focused on the construction industry.  Initially created to fulfil the rigorous demands of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, it has developed a strong position as the leading delivery management software tool for construction logistics.

Zone manager can be purchased on a flexible monthly subscription basis.

Follow these links for details of its use in retail and warehousing.

There are versions to suit:-

  • Individual construction sites such as schools, housing, stations
  • Large scale sites such as hospitals, high rise, crossrail, underground
  • Logistics contractors with multiple small sites
  • Developers with  large sites, consolidation centres, holding parks

The benefits of Zone Manager

  • Co-ordinate and prioritise deliveries
  • Match deliveries with the project – ‘Lean Construction’
  • Minimise unplanned activity
  • Avoid clogged laydown areas
  • Prevent deliveries happening too early or in too large quantities
  • Let contractors take responsibility and save you time
  • No arguments, no excuses
  • Counter contractor waiting charges
  • Meet environmental and local area responsibilities
  • Centralised logistics management
  • Manage waste collection
  • Crane lift scheduling

  • Available to all via PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphone
  • Contractors enter bookings or requests
  • Book crane or hoist time
  • Rules control bookings
  • Email or SMS messages notifications
  • Reports at the click of a mouse
  • Record and manage waste collection

Zone Manager is not just a delivery booking system. It is also a real time management tool, used to control events as they happen, such as arrivals and departures , unplanned.   Apart from simply logging vehicle details, arrival times and departure times, you can use the Zone Manager to track materials and delivery quantities.  All events, both planned and actual, are logged on the system. This provides an invaluable resource for automated reporting  follow up and analysis of, for example, contractor performance and delivery time-keeping.

Zone Manager is a Delivery Management system that helps logistics managers plan, execute and report on their operations.

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