Zone Manager – Construction Delivery Management and Planning System

Zone Manager is a product of The Logistics Business - Delivery Management and Planning System - Busy DiaryNow available world-wide using Cloud Computing, Zone Manager is a world class Delivery Management and Planning System designed and developed specifically to improve supplier performance and site management on construction projects, of all sizes.

It provides construction managers with an easy to use yet powerful means of managing supplier deliveries and site resources such as cranes and hoists.  It brings a range of proven benefits such as improved supplier performance, reduced management effort and minimised congestion on site.

Most importantly, it’s now possible to operate a fully featured Zone Manager system entirely through the Internet.  The software resides on a remote server but for users it’s like having it on their own PC.  This kind of technology is already in use in other areas of construction, for example the document sharing architects use.  It is now available for the project logistics, too!

Until recently, if you wanted to make use of the features and functionality offered by a software program or application, you had to buy one or more licences for the software and install it on the PC or laptop of everyone who wanted access to it.  But now, thanks to Cloud computing technology, any authorised user can get access to the system as long as they have internet access.  No additional software needs to be installed and almost all installation, maintenance and support issues are solved at the touch of a button.

Zone Manager can be up and running in days and minimal input is needed from the user’s IT department.  The system also includes full browser-based access to Trade Contractors, where previously, the need for good broadband access and an on-site web server would have made this impossible.  It is highly secure and data is backed up automatically – so there is no need to worry when a laptop fails or goes missing on site.

Zone Manager has been used on some of Europe’s most prestigious construction projects including Canary Wharf in London and Media City in Salford Quays; and now, with the development of the Cloud computing service, Zone Manager can be used to help manage construction projects anywhere in the world.  The most recent example is in South Australia where Zone Manager has recently been chosen to provide delivery management for the construction of a major new hospital in Adelaide.

The servers which host the system are located in 24/7 managed, highly secure server farms and if the system needs to be scaled up, or the internet access speeded up, this can be done more or less overnight by adding bandwidth or increasing the server size. Support for the Zone Manager application is being undertaken entirely from the Head Offices of The Logistics Business in the UK.

The Adelaide hospital project is expected to run for up to three years but for shorter projects, the hosted service is available on a month by month basis. This makes it viable and extremely cost effective to have a full Zone Manager system, even for short term projects.  In addition, there is no requirement to buy a software licence and all use and support is included in the monthly charge.