Zone Manager 5 Released

Zone Manager Version 5 is available now (superceded)

The latest version of Zone Manager contains significant improvements and many new features. These include:

  • Multi-site capability.
  • It is now possible to use a single hosted instance of Zone Manager to operate several sites independently. Each site can work independently as a completely separate operation.

Administrators have an overview of all sites and Contractors can be given access to one or more sites.  Some key benefits of this are:-

  • Reduced cost per site.
  • Rapid setup of new sites.
  • Centralised Logistics Management – one logistics manager can handle all sites.

The latest features in detail

  • Schedule view Diary with direct interaction.
  • The all new Scheduler view allows direct interaction with bookings. Booking time slots can be changed by dragging them to a new time. Right-clicking brings up a menu to allow editing or deleting.  Contractors bookings are still restricted according to system constraints. Administrators have full control and can move bookings to different Zones. They can email confirmation of the new slot directly from the Scheduler view.  Double-click on a booking to edit it or double-click on a time slot to book that slot.
  •  The classic diary has new double-click features.
  • Enhanced booking forms using the latest web technology to provide users with immediate feedback.
  • The booking form shows immediately whether the chosen slot time is available for that Zone.
  • Arrival Notification.
  • Notifications of vehicle arrival can be sent via email or SMS (option).
  • Much improved cross browser compatibility with forms that work on the latest smartphones.
  • New form designs mean that the forms are  ‘elastic’ and resize themselves to fit the screen size.  This makes them much more usable on small screen such as tablets or smart phones.  Pop-up help on forms gives direct assistance.
  • Usage of virtual server technology to provide lower cost entry level hosted systems.