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Zone Manager Web Interface

With the hosted option we provide everything for you. This means no local IT requirements and a system can be up and running with a few days. Trade Contractors and Suppliers can enter requests or, if permitted, fully manage their bookings directly on-line. The site manager can manage bookings, changing or deletingthem and can confirm or reject requests. The Project Manager can be given access to check that the right materials are coming in at the right time.

Vehicles can  be booked on or off-site via the interface.  A remote holding park has similar features so even if this is just a ‘muddy field’, away from the main site you have control. As vehicles arrive and depart from either the holding park or site  the on-line diary updates to show their status.

Zone Manager – Delivery management via the Internet.

The key benefits are:

  • Suppliers and Contractors enter their own booking details
  • Bookings are visible to all 24/7
  • No excuses for not knowing
  • Real-time site booking at gate locations
  • Remote link to off-site holding parks
  • No software  installed on users computers
  • Manage from anywhere
  • Setup in a couple of days

Key Features:

  • 24 hour view of diary. Diary shows status of booking e.g. in-park, on-site
  • Booking notice period and maximum time on site limits.  Booking Cut-off deadline.
  • Enter, view and edit bookings or booking requests
  • Notifications of events – booking/requests/confirmations/changes
  • Multi-site capability
  • Manage hoist and crane time in the same place
  • Control users through rules and permissions
  • Remote Gate or Holding booking
  • Audit log of activity kept
  • Performance reporting. e.g. Lateness, unplanned load arrivals, over or under booking of time
  • CO2 reporting
  • Project Manager or Client access to view but not make changes
  • Make Site documents available online to all

With Zone Manager’s multi-site/multi-project capability a Logistics Operator can manage several sites with a single installation of Zone Manager. If you would like more details on this and a chance to try out the system please call 01527 889060 or email us at info@logistics.co.uk.

Installation options: Site based server PC with internet access or remotely hosted system. Please contact us for further details.