Using Zone Manager with an Offsite Holding Park

Zone Manager is a product of The Logistics Business - Warehouse Management Software - Arriving vehicle

With limited space on a site there is often not enough room to hold waiting delivery vehicles. This can mean that at times, for example first thing in the morning, they are forced to wait in the street causing disruption to traffic. A common answer to this problem is to have an off-site holding area. All deliveries are directed to this area. From here they can be transferred on-site at the appropriate time, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic through the gates.

By their nature a Holding Park often have to be some distance away from the site. Unfortunately this does introduce other problems such as knowing what vehicles are in the holding park and co-coordinating their movements through to the site. This requires regular communication with the holding park operator, usually via mobile phone. The Zone Manager web interface provides a solution to this with its Remote Gate and Holding Park facility.

The holding park operator has a PC or laptop with a 3G card allowing access to the Zone Manager system. He/she books vehicles in as they arrive and this shows up immediately back in the main site system either on the Holding Park screen or in the Diary. When the site requires the vehicle they can call it forward. The target gate operator knows that the vehicle is on its way and will book it on-site when it arrives. In this way the vehicle movement is tracked and managed throughout its life on the site and where it is at any point in time can be seen on the Zone Manager Diary.