The Benefits of Delivery Management Systems in Facilities Management

Are you a facilities manager looking to make your work easier? Read on to learn about the benefits of delivery management systems for facilities management tasks.

Unlocking Efficiency Potential: The Benefits of Delivery Management Systems in Facilities Management 

Facilities management comprises overseeing complex and diverse operations – oftentimes, a lack of access to accurate and timely data presents challenges for identifying inefficiencies. The involvement of multiple stakeholders, from service providers, suppliers, and vendors to facilities teams, only adds to the complexity of coordinating and optimising these diverse functions.  

In this article we outline the value of a delivery management system (DMS) for optimising operations and enhancing efficiency in facilities management: 

  • Real-time Tracking and Enhanced Visibility 
  • Effective Resource Allocation 
  • Minimise Errors and Delays 
  • Data-driven Decision Making
  • Streamline Communications

Real-time Tracking and Enhanced Visibility 

A delivery management system provides real-time visibility of site activity. Facilities managers can track the live status of deliveries, monitor locations and bookings, as well as receive notifications of delayed or completed deliveries.  This enhanced visibility allows for better planning and coordination of resources, helping ensure deliveries are timely and accurate. 

Effectively Allocate Resources

Increase productivity and avoid overstaffing and underutilisation of resource. With a delivery management system, facilities managers are empowered with data driven insights and real-time information. Analysis of delivery data including volumes, frequency, and times, provides the insights needed to determine optimal staffing levels and the equipment required to maintain efficient operations.  More effective resource allocation optimises both labour costs and productivity. 

Additionally, problem areas or departments experiencing bottlenecks, or resource shortages can be promptly identified. Facilities managers can re-distribute resources where necessary to address the issues, enhancing efficiency and ensuring operations continue to run smoothly.  

Optimise Schedules and Minimise Errors

Say farewell to the manual, paper-based handling of deliveries, that’s prone to errors. Delivery management systems automate processes, reducing the risk of human error, improving accuracy, and saving time. Systems also have the capability to consider factors including delivery locations, traffic conditions, delivery windows, and resource availability. As a result, deliveries can be consolidated, and the most efficient schedules determined, reducing fuel consumption, loading bay congestion, and improving overall efficiency. 

Streamline Communications 

Effective communication is critical for effective facilities management, however with the number of stakeholders involved, keeping the right people informed can be difficult. 

A delivery management system provides one centralised platform for sharing information, updates, and schedules with facilities teams, delivery personnel, vendors, and suppliers. Priorities can be assigned to time-critical deliveries, ensuring they’re given the necessary attention and resource, and facilitating a more flexible approach to managing less time-sensitive deliveries. This streamlines communications, saving time, increasing productivity, and minimising miscommunications.  

Data-driven Decision Making

A data-driven approach is key to continuous improvement. Delivery management systems enable facilities managers to make informed and strategic decisions based on real-time data and insights. From tracking performance metrics to identifying problem areas, delivery management systems provide a wealth of information that can be leveraged to drive efficiency and proactivity. 

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To conclude…

Delivery management systems are a valuable tool for optimising your operations and committing to continuous improvement, delivering both cost and operational benefits for facilities managers and their premises. Find out why Zone Manager is the ideal solution for facilities and property management companies here.

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