Foundation Package Zone Manager

Foundation – brilliant basics

Our Zone Manager Foundation package provides a solid basis for managing construction site deliveries through your own portal. Working quarterly, our foundation package doesn’t tie you in to any long term contract.

You’ll be able to get all the benefits of our online delivery management system, delivery scheduler and email notifications.





Zone Manager Delivery quantitiesOur foundation package includes the ability to manage up to 10 separate delivery points or resources (Tower Cranes, Hoists, Lifts etc.) within your site and with an average of 50 movements per week. You’ll be able to access the basic schedules and reports as well as simple customisation of your portal.

With no additional set up fees and Zone Manager’s straightforward dashboard many users find that no training is required. If you’d like some help getting underway our experts can provide full training for you too.

Perfect for smaller or more short term projects our foundation package is the perfect introduction to Zone Manager and the benefits using this tool will deliver.


tick-2Manage contractors and sub-contractors arriving at site


Minimise disruption to the neighbourhoods nearby


Report arrivals to site remotely


Avoid delivery queues and wasted time


One view of your project, live whenever you need it


If you’re working on larger projects or need access to information such as tailored reporting or site alerts visit our Logistics Contractors page for multi site options or compare our other subscription packages .