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Working with site manager on major projects for many years we’ve developed our Zone Manager Estate package where fully customisable schedules and plan based booking come as standard.

On top of all the foundation and core functionality that you’ll find in our other packages Zone Manager Estate is truly the crème de la crème of construction site delivery software.

With a fully customised contractor portal you can now create site permits with barcodes meaning you can full integrate with other software you’re using on site too.

Zone Manager Estate has the capability to handle an unlimited number of site deliveries and separate construction zones.

Our Estate package also brings with it the ability to manage a construction project across multiple sites making it the perfect tool for extended projects such as HS2.


Zone Manager Security and Compliance

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A single one -off set up cost gets you up and running and fully trained. If you need support throughout your project you can get 1-2-1 support at any time through our dedicated email helpline.

With extensive customisation and additional functionality Zone Manager Estate enables you to have total control and transparency of all arrivals at site both on site and from afar.

tick-2 Manage contractors and sub-contractors arriving at site
tick-2 Minimise disruption to the neighbourhoods nearby
tick-2 Report arrivals to site remotely
tick-2 Avoid delivery queues and wasted time
tick-2 One view of your project, live whenever you need it

If you need something more short term have a look at our other packages

For even more customisation and additional functionality get in touch and we can work with you to develop a fully customised bespoke portal for your project or visit our Logistics Contractors page for multi site options.