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Zone Manager provides all the key features found on major ERP systems for a fraction of the price. 


Complete control of dock scheduling


Real-time visibility of events on site


Cloud based solution


Interfaces with existing systems

This delivery management system allows control of the dock scheduling and real-time visibility of events on site.

Zone Manager provides all the key features found on major ERP systems for a fraction of the price. As a cloud based solution it has no impact on internal IT and only requires an internet connection. The system can interface with existing systems through scheduled up and downloads or through custom APIs.

Various features include; a 24-hour diary to book loads and deliveries onto incoming and outgoing docks, Security Gate module for booking vehicles, Dock operations functions and Web interface for Suppliers and Hauliers.

All kinds of warehousing operations need to control both the receiving and delivery end of the operation. ERP systems, SAP or Warehouse Management Systems may have Delivery Management modules or Yard Management functionality added to them.
These are large, complex and often inflexible systems. There is something to be said for a stand-alone, extremely flexible and easy to use system.

Key Benefits

Zone Manager, the delivery management system for warehousing.

  • Control of dock scheduling
  • Real time visibility of events on site
  • All key features found on major ERP systems
  • Security Gate module for booking vehicles
  • Dock operations function
  • Web interface for suppliers and hauliers
DMS for Warehousing

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Zone Manager provides users with an easy to use yet powerful means of managing supplier deliveries and site resources such as cranes, hoists and forklift trucks. It brings a range of proven benefits such as improved supplier performance, reduced management effort and minimised congestion on site.

Does Zone Manager take long to set up?
Zone Manager is quick to set up and the team at Zone Manager will advise and assist you on the best way to configure the system for your specific project requirements.
What makes Zone Manager's booking diary different?

Its in-built intelligence means that it does not allow double-bookings to be made.

What platforms are Zone Manager compatible with?
Zone Manager is browser based and so works across any platform with a compatible browser.
What constitutes as a 'zone'?

Zones are:

-Delivery points ('gates', offloading points, loading bays)

-Cranes, hoists, lifts, forklift trucks etc

-Any 'resource' which needs to be booked or managed.

How easy is it for contractors and suppliers to access?
Zone Manager is a portal which is available 24/7. As a self-service platform, contractors can access simply by signing in and whilst it's straightforward for contractors to do this themselves, it is also easy to oversee and control the contractor access and accounts from a central point.
What different levels of user access are there for the portal?
Different levels of access which can be set up in Zone Manager are:

• Administrator – system administrators who can do everything from configuration changes to managing bookings.
• Admin Viewer – read-only access to everything which is typically given to system overseers.
• Supervisor – day-to-day tasks such as managing bookings and setting up logins but can’t make configuration changes.
• Gate Operator - booking deliveries in and out of site.
• Contractor – make and manage their own bookings.

What format do the schedules come in?
Schedules are shown both on an interactive diary and on booking lists.
Is training provided?

On-site training is provided where possible as part of all subscription packages.  Currently, we are offering safe online training as an alternative in line with industry and government guidance.