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Zone Manager has facets suited to a range of industries and sectors making it flexible and transferable across ConstructionRetail Outlets, Facilities Management, Warehousing and Refurbishment.


Retail Outlets

Facilities Management



Logistics Contractors

Construction Sector

Delivery Management is a key element of modern logistics on today’s construction sites. Modern day constraints on space and time, along with local environmental issues, mean that traditional methods of delivery management no longer meet the requirements of the construction industry.

Zone Manager gives construction managers the appropriate tools to control all aspects of their site, keeping the operation in line and providing compliance reports at the click of a button.

Retail Outlets

Shopping and Retail centres often have limited access to delivery areas and loading bays. Access times are often restricted to prevent conflict with peak customer times. Sustainability and standards such as BREAMM are increasingly key issues for Retailers.

Zone Manager can be used as a delivery management system for retail outlet deliveries, to help manage, control and provide reporting.


This delivery management system allows control of the dock scheduling and real-time visibility of events on site.

Zone Manager provides all the key features found on major ERP systems for a fraction of the price. As a cloud based solution it has no impact on internal IT and only requires an internet connection.

The system can interface with existing systems through scheduled up and downloads or through custom APIs.

Facilities Management

Zone Manager is a powerful, fully featured Delivery Management system for the Facilites Management sector.

Commercial properties, especially in city centres often have limited access to delivery areas and loading bays. Increasingly strict controls are being place on the number and timings of deliveries that a site can have. In some central locations loading bays have to be located underground with ramp or even lift access, adding significant travel time between gate and dock. Frequently the goods lift within a building becomes the bootleneck and also needs to be managed. Allowing tenants to individually order supplies and have them delivered as and when they want is becoming increasingly untenable.


Zone Manager can be used as a delivery management system for refurbishment projects.
It provides suppliers with information about approved access routes and available delivery slots and gives the building managers the information they need to rationalise and reduce. Best use can be made of the limited number of gates and unloading areas.

Logistics Contractors

As a Logistics Contractor or larger construction business it is likely that you have more than one site active at any one time.

With Zone Manager’s multi-site capability you can manage several sites with a single installation of Zone Manager.

Sites can be given a web based delivery management system in minutes making it feasible to use web based delivery management for even the shortest project.

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