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Zone Manager and HG Construction have collaborated on multiple major construction projects.

We spoke with the Logistics Manager, Adrian Mclean at HG Construction to find out how our Delivery Management System Zone Manager supported him and his team while working on the Canada Street and Talgarth Road projects.

Zone Manager was utilised by HG Construction in one of their largest-scale construction projects – Canada Street. The £77M project was a mixed-use development with two of the four buildings offering accommodation for over 775 students. The project was logistically challenging due to site location – close to Canada Water Underground Station and directly above the busy operational London Underground Jubilee Line.

The project ran from March 2020 to December 2022. Zone Manager supported HG Construction in booking deliveries, collections, and general resource management. In terms of particular project needs and complexities, Adrian mentions space constraints: ‘’Space constraints being a constant issue, [by using Zone Manager] we were able to allocate appropriate lay down areas, resources and direct vehicles to the correct gate on time.’’

Another challenge the team were faced with were time constraints and road closures during school drop-off and pick-up times, as the site was located opposite a primary school. As such using a DMS to support the site logistics helped with decongestion as well as streamlining operations.

One specific challenge Zone Manager was able to tackle successfully was organising and sharing the use of cranes between contractors: ‘’Zone Manager’s resource bookings helped to prioritise lifts and meant all involved had a set time when they’d get their lifts.’’

We asked Adrian how our DMS helped him specifically, as Crane & Logistics Supervisor for the project; Adrian mentioned our resource booking feature as particularly useful: ‘Resource booking was very useful as it brought structure to the working day. Requests for lifts can be very ad-hoc, so by using the system to book and prioritise lifts, it helped to ease the issues and alleviate sub-contractors disagreeing on who has priority of the cranes/telehandlers.’’

Our DMS supported the HG Construction team with:

  • Road closures
  • Delivery time constraints
  • Minimal storage and laydown space
  • Asset management
  • Contractor relationships

Adrian also highlighted Zone Manager’s user friendliness and ease of use on different devices: I’ve used Zone Manager on both tablet and phone in the past and find it straightforward and user friendly.” 

HG Construction also utilised Zone Manage to record and pull relevant CO2 emissions data to follow the appropriate environmental requirements. 

They also looked to the Zone Manager team for consultancy and said the support was 10/10. When I needed support, I’d contact the Zone Manager team who were always very helpful and responsive.

We’re proud to have supported HG Construction with their major projects and are grateful for the opportunity to create a long-standing relationship with our partner.

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