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Zone Manager's delivery management system is utilised across Broadway Bradford to enable smooth and consistent logistical functionalities.

Update June 2024

As we continue to work with Broadway Bradford and their use of the Zone Manager delivery management system, we are pleased to share an update. Broadway Bradford sees an average of 500 deliveries a week to the site loading bays located underground, so a DMS is crucial to keeping the process as smooth as possible.

Zone Manager are always working to upgrade their system, treating every client as a bespoke project and offering full support. Since Broadway Bradford have implemented our DMS, they feel that our team has catered to their changing requirements successfully during the last 8 years they have been our client, offering the team an intuitive and user-friendly design. In the last two years, Broadway Bradford have felt as though Zone Manager were highly responsive in addressing the requirements of the client.

At Zone Manager we take each clients thoughts very seriously, and will do our best to tailor our DMS to suit the individual needs of the client. We aim to demonstrate the ongoing impact of our delivery management system, and as we continue to move forward, our focus will be around showcasing how flexible and configurable our DMS is. Zone Manager’s delivery management system is a turn-key solution which allows us to cost-effectively address individual client needs.

The Broadway Bradford Delivery Management System

UPDATE November 2022

Zone Manager’s Delivery Management System has been in place at Broadway Bradford for 6 years and they have been a fantastic client during this time.


As the year draws to an end, Broadway Bradford were considering other platforms and software solutions due to their expanding needs uncovered by a software review. After looking at options throughout the industry, Broadway decided to re-contract with Zone Manager. With this recontract, Zone Manager upgraded their existing DMS to better cater and deal with the new challenges they were facing.

DMS for Retail & Shopping Centres 

The Broadway Bradford is home to over 90 top high street brands and nearly 200 hundred retailers. With an average of 2000 deliveries a month / 500 per week arriving to the site at loading bays in restricted underground space, the Mitie management team responsible for the running of the centre take great pride in the work and processes they have had in place for nearly 5 years that underpin the smooth logistical operation success.

A fundamental cog in that logistics wheel is Zone Manager and Steve Penney, the Soft Services Manager overseeing the operations at the centre, cites the specific benefits that the Zone Manager delivery management system continues to deliver for the Facilities Management company:

“As a centre that takes its role in the community very seriously, we knew that having strict control and security measures in place for the vast number of deliveries we receive was of the utmost importance.  Zone Manager gives us complete control over every single delivery that arrives at The Broadway Bradford. No deliveries are permitted onto the site without having an approved booking through the Zone Manager system. Having that overview and central control of movement around the centre is crucial. With security being on the top of the agenda, knowing exactly who, what and when is arriving play vital roles in our robust security strategy.”

For the logistics operations to run like clockwork, the centre itself is split into 6 zones which have their own corresponding loading bays and lifts to ensure that the right deliveries end up at the right retailer at the right time.

“We know all the vehicle, cargo and destination details in advance and because the centre is split into zones, bookings can be assigned an appropriate time slot within the Zone Manager system as well as the corresponding zone, bay and lift so that the retailers receive their goods without delay therefore ensuring that our operation is streamlined and efficient.”

The tight and restricted underground delivery space and limited access presents the team at the centre with additional logistical challenges meaning that only 1 vehicle can leave or enter at any one time. The conditions set around the bookings in the Zone Manager diary mean that booking slots and access can also be strictly controlled to avoid unnecessary headaches.

It was also crucial to the team that the system had the flexibility for certain functionalities, so it worked for all retailers at the centre, regardless of size as Steve explains:

“We have a wide variety of retailers from small vendors in the central mall areas who work with a couple of suppliers to the long-standing larger national retailers who typically work with anything up to 20 different suppliers and beyond.  To have a system which was agile enough to work across this spectrum is critical and Zone Manager delivers this and more.  The system has the specific built in functionality to enable us to grant separate logins for retailers to be able to book directly as well as for suppliers with whom they have a long-term relationship with. Furthermore, for courier and delivery providers where multi-drops are a regular occurrence at the centre, we can expand the required number of bookings and time slots at our discretion and Zone Manager gives us that flexibility without sacrificing the overall security and control.”

As a centre which is open 7 days a week to the public but also requires bookings to be made around the clock, it is no wonder that the Mitie team hold the continued access to support from the Zone Manager team in such high esteem:

“For us, the reliability of the system being live and fully functional 24/7 is fundamental to the success of the centre’s operation and Zone Manager has always been that reliable but forward-thinking workhorse.  What’s more, the continued support from the Zone Manager team, whether it is technical support or alterations we need making from a logistical perspective, is quite simply outstanding. Zone Manager is more than a system provider, they’re partners who understand our needs and go above and beyond to deliver them.”

We have vast logistics and development experience, and can turn your Delivery Management requirements into a system that’s suited to your industry. Get in touch today and let’s work together!


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