Delivery Management for Refurbishment Projects Malmaison York Hotel



Zone Manager supported The Malmaison York in its refurbishment project by creating a logistics plan and implementing its delivery management system.

The Malmaison York, situated on Rougier Street in the heart of York, stands as a 150-bedroom Boutique Hotel, offering breathtaking views from its sky bar, chic bedrooms, and delectable dining experiences. Transformed from the iconic Aviva building, the Malmaison York opened its doors in June 2021, marking the culmination of a noteworthy three-year refurbishment project that navigated various logistic and delivery challenges.

Key to the success of the Malmaison York refurbishment was the strategic utilization of Zone Manager’s cutting-edge Delivery Management System (DMS) Solutions and a comprehensive logistics plan. This award-winning system played a pivotal role in overcoming a series of obstacles inherent in the project, including a tightly restricted delivery schedule, limited delivery space, access limitations to the site only by rigid vehicles, implementation of a one-way traffic system, disruptions due to material deliveries, and rerouting late deliveries to the York Lorry Park.

Managing such intricacies was crucial, given the cultural and geographical significance of the Hotel’s location. Zone Manager’s expertise came to the forefront as it developed a tailored logistics plan, ensuring a seamless handling of all obstacles with precision and effectiveness.

The implementation of Zone Manager’s Delivery Management Systems and logistics plan facilitated an “effective and efficient distribution of materials” throughout the refurbishment project. This not only ensured that the challenges posed by the unique constraints were met head-on but also contributed to an optimized workflow and timely project completion.

Without the innovative delivery solutions and meticulous logistics planning provided by Zone Manager, the aforementioned obstacles could have potentially led to significant disruptions and delays in the project timeline. The success of the Malmaison York refurbishment stands as a testament to the invaluable role played by Zone Manager’s DMS for Refurbishment, showcasing its capability in handling complex logistics scenarios and ensuring successful project outcomes.

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