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Zone Manager worked alongside Caddick Construction in managing the redevelopment of Emerald Headingley Stadium. The redevelopment included a new rugby South Stand and a replacement for the 90-year-old joint rugby and cricket ground stand that overlooked both sides of the iconic sporting complex.

Redeveloping Headingley Stadium: How Zone Manager Simplified Delivery Management

The major £44 million redevelopment project of the Headingley Stadium was crucial in retaining the stadium’s status as a venue for international cricket. Caddick Construction took charge of the transformation which included a new rugby south stand and a replacement for the 90-year-old joint rugby and cricket ground stand that overlooked both sites of the iconic sporting complex. They needed to handle Delivery Management for Headingley Stadium and turned to Zone Manager for help.

With any stadium development project comes a plethora of challenges and obstacles, notably the Health and Safety security and compliance regulations and the management of deliveries to multiple sites. Having Zone Manager as their dedicated delivery management system proved invaluable in overcoming these challenges for this project.

David Brown, Project Manager at Headingley Stadium for Caddick Construction lists specific benefits that Zone Manager offered on the Headingly Stadium project:

“As Headingley Stadium had work ongoing at both the North and South Stand the separate zones feature within Zone Manager set up was crucial for subcontractors and Management Staff to log in and glance at future and previous deliveries opposed to keeping one paper based diary with several zones. We had staff based at both sides of the stadium and it made the whole delivery process easier to control.”

Furthermore, Zone Manager allowed the Caddick Construction team to set up several zones and direct delivery drivers to the correct area of the stadium which made the operation more efficient by reducing delays to deliveries and therefore keeping the project on track to meet crucial deadlines.

Clare Rowett, the site administrator at Headingley Stadium saw the benefits of using Zone Manager on this specific project:

“Zone Manager’s live view gave us a day by day, week by week view of what was coming to site and when so we could manage work force and time appropriately and efficiently. Having a one stop area for everyone on and off site to look at what was coming in and when was a crucial cog in the logistics wheel for the operation. What’s more is Zone Manager allowed us to block zones out when we had large deliveries or cranes due to site.”

Optimizing Safety and Efficiency

With Health and Safety meetings being of utmost importance, the reporting feature enabled the Caddick Construction management team to report on key statistics including who was and wasn’t using the delivery system, how many deliveries were coming onto site in set periods of time. And, with fixtures continuing, the notice feature within Zone Manager proved vital in relaying any restrictions to site deliveries including rugby and cricket fixtures as well as weather disruptions and closure of the stadium.

It was also crucial to the team that the particular restrictions of certain gates weren’t an obstacle to progress as David explains:

“Within the booking feature, the sections for what was coming on the delivery along with how much and on what method of transport was useful as it allowed the Management Team to plan space required accordingly. Vehicle size was also useful to us to identify any restrictions we needed in place for example on Gate G we couldn’t get vehicles such as articulated lorries under the stands, so we had these booked into Gate B. This then identified we needed a telehandler/driver and banksman to offload. The blocking out deliveries feature for match days was also a real asset for example if a subcontractor required the Gate for several ongoing deliveries such as when concrete was coming in and spoils were going off site.”

Indeed, like the sport that Headingley Stadium proudly hosts and is witness to, it was extremely fitting that Zone Manager’s delivery management system with its power, agility and flexible functionalities was used so effectively and was a key player in the project.

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