DMS for Hospitals



Zone Manager has worked with various hospitals providing DMS.

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Zone Manager has worked with Duffy on this project.

It’s easy to understand why Duffy Contract Services have not only been utilising Zone Manager since their move into the world of logistics in 2016 but why they are advocates of the Delivery Management System that goes far above and beyond other systems on the market.

When Duffy Contract Services were faced with the daunting prospect of entering the arena of logistics, it was Zone Manager that they decided to approach in order to find a web-based delivery management system which has become the foundation for the streamlined and highly effective logistics package they deliver.

Stephen McCarthy, Group SHEQ Manager for Duffy Group Ltd cites a huge plethora of benefits that Zone Manager offers on a wide range of projects but continues to be impressed by the ongoing flexibility and reinvention of the Delivery Management System functionalities: “Having seen deliveries at other sites being what can only be described as a ‘free for all’, it was a huge relief to see the slick operation that Zone Manager drives. It is without doubt a Delivery Management System that is underpinned by a well thought through and effective logistics package. It goes beyond the simple managing and booking of delivery traffic to sites by allowing on site resources such as hoists and cranes to be pre-booked so that deliveries can then be managed once on site.”

With sites such as the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital project, the live reporting on large screens was instrumental to the logistical package for this project. The Zone Manager team were able to customise the live reporting in such a way that the scheduler was visible in multiple areas as well as bespoke intervals being set in order to give a transparent, live and accurate visibility of operations.

With frameworks such as BREEAM and the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) being increasingly on most site managers’ radars which demand thorough and detailed CO2 and emission reporting, it is something that Zone Manager produces as standard. However, when Stephen requested a bespoke reporting format in order to meet specific requirements, the team at Zone Manager were able to quickly respond to, which, in turn, resulted in high praise from the CCS auditors. Having seen other Delivery Management Systems in use, Stephen is keen to point out the specific features that sets Zone Manager apart including the differentiated version on mobile and tablets that give traffic marshals and gate operators a streamlined version of the live reporting providing instant visibility of scheduled authorised deliveries. Marshals can then quickly process these deliveries and flag missing deliveries. Furthermore, the managing of all entrances, exits and fire exits in addition to managing orders has become an invaluable functionality for Duffy Contract Services.

But perhaps the jewel in the Zone Manager crown is the additional snagging and clean up feature that can seamlessly manage contractor snagging and clean up notices from within the existing Zone Manager system. Photos of the snagging issues can be uploaded with specific action deadlines and sent directly to the contractors which then provides invaluable evidence for the project manager.

Stephen McCarthy says, “Zone Manager’s flexibility and the expert team’s willingness to build specific functionalities to meet the needs of different projects is just unrivalled.”


Southmead Hospital Redevelopment

Zone Manager has worked with Carillion PLC on this project.

Carillion Plc. is a leading UK integrated support services company with a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and extensive construction capabilities. They were appointed to carry out a major redevelopment of Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

The Southmead Hospital site had a single entrance and exit gate onto a busy road.  Vehicles arriving on site passed this gate and are authorised to enter by a gate operator. For part of the project there is secondary gate for Clinical deliveries at another point further along the entry road. The site was logically split into 6 areas WA-WF.  Authorised vehicles are directed to one of these areas and vehicles leaving site have to pass the main gate.

Deliveries onto the site needed to be managed carefully. Zone Manager’s Delivery Management Software was chosen as it provided an excellent way of ensuring that deliveries arrived on site when expected and that there would be space on site to accommodate them.  This meant that the risk of waiting vehicles blocking traffic or inconveniencing the residential area is kept to a minimum.  Zone Managers’ flexibility in being able to add and change Zones and gates meant the system could be readily reconfigured as the project progressed.

Contractors are managed carefully by the Zone Manager system. Where a contractor can be relied on to book the correct time and location, they are allowed to directly make their own bookings.  The administrator can check the diary occasionally to ensure this continues to be the case.  Contractors that only come on site occasionally or who have a record of being unreliable are only allowed to request booking slots.  These must be authorised before the contractor is allowed on site.

The Zone Manager hosted SaaS approach meant that it was possible to rapidly implement a system which had little impact on the existing IT infrastructure. It is often difficult to implement publicly available web sites within the security constraints of IT systems, but the hosted option meant that there would be no concerns in this respect.


Royal Adelaide Hospital

Zone Manager has been chosen as the delivery management system for the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (new RAH) will be Australia’s most advanced hospital and the single largest infrastructure project in the State’s history. This state of the art facility will be delivered as a Public Private Partnership under the State Government’s Partnership SA Model forming part of the South Australian reformed health system. The new facility will provide world-class care for the people of South Australia.

The Hansen Yuncken – Leighton Contractors Joint Venture (HYLC) are responsible for the Design and Construct aspect of this landmark project,

Running Zone Manager from the cloud means it is possible to install and maintain systems anywhere in the world. A local host server was used to ensure response times were optimum for local users.

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