Access Control & Traffic Management – DMS Canary Wharf Heron Quays



Working with Zone Manager, Canary Wharf Management Limited (CWML) have implemented DMS for Access Control and Traffic Management the Heron Quays Truck Tunnel.

Canary Wharf Management Limited (CWML), overseeing the Heron Quays truck tunnel, faced a crucial challenge in efficiently controlling access to its loading bays. The need for a robust system to manage traffic and deliveries was evident, considering the single truck tunnel handled a substantial flow of over 900 deliveries daily to 9 loading bays across 6 diverse developments, encompassing major financial institutions and renowned retailers like Marks & Spencer.

Recognizing the potential for chaos in handling such a high volume of deliveries, CWML sought an effective solution to streamline traffic management and manage access control. Drawing from their positive experience with Zone Manager, CWML decided to implement Zone Manager’s DMS for Access Control to address the specific requirements of the Heron Quays truck tunnel.

Zone Manager, chosen by CWML, emerged as the ideal solution to optimize access control for the loading bays. This comprehensive system was tailored to handle the unique challenges posed by the Heron Quays site, ensuring smooth traffic flow and efficient delivery management.

The Heron Quays truck tunnel, operational since May 2014, has successfully navigated almost 14 years in the logistics landscape. Throughout this period, the site has managed and documented an impressive record of over a million deliveries. This longevity and substantial delivery volume underscore the effectiveness of the implemented DMS in meeting the complex access control needs of CWML’s logistics operations.

By leveraging Zone Manager, who have specifically designed a dock management solution for access control in logistics scenarios, CWML at Canary Wharf achieved a harmonized and streamlined approach to managing the diverse delivery requirements of their prominent clientele, ranging from major financial institutions to renowned retailers. This successful integration not only showcased the adaptability of Zone Manager but also contributed to the sustained operational efficiency of the Heron Quays truck tunnel.

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