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Zone Manager's DMS has been applied and utilised across numerous projects carried out by Duffy Contract Services.

As a highly experienced logistics contractor, Duffy Contract Services are well versed in managing complete logistics operations in order to deliver streamlined and highly effective results.  Implementing Delivery Management for Duffy Contract Services is a key element in their success, and for this they have chosen  Zone Manager as their preferred Delivery Management System. The Zone Manager DMS alongside a dedicated Site Logistics Manager supports the efficient overseeing and optimisation of site logistics processes for successful outcomes.

Over the multitude of projects that Duffy Contract Services have successfully managed, the Zone Manager DMS has been a consistent and key player.  Duffy have continued to reap the rewards from using Zone Manager, notably having a co-ordinated approach to a busy schedule of site deliveries and complex resource bookings.

Shane Kelly, the Site Logistics Manager at the East Wick and Sweetwater project, part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park transformation, is no stranger to the Zone Manager DMS and the benefits it brings to such a large-scale operation:

“With over 500 people employed on site at the peak of construction, co-ordination and cross-visibility of working was fundamental from the word go.  And with around 30 deliveries coming onto site at any one-time, time restricted delivery slots, numerous on-site resources to manage and 5 different gate points, we knew the Zone Manager DMS was going to play a pivotal role in ensuring that there was a robust structure to the logistics operations.”

Having a live and up-to-date view of the booking schedule diary for all stakeholders to have sight of meant that disputes over resource bookings and deliveries stopped happening and daily reporting at site management meetings ensured there was transparent and cohesive information at hand between the logistics contractor and the principal contractor.

However, it is the employment of the clean-up and tidy up action notices functionality of the Zone Manager DMS that has bolstered Duffy Contract Services’ ability to improve accountability of sub-contractor activity, provide clear reporting to the principal contractor and maintain a robust evidence trail.

With the East Wick and Sweetwater site recording over 1400 action notices, Shane cites the benefits of the action notice functionality and explains why it is crucial to their success:

“The action notice functionality that the Zone Manager DMS offers is of huge benefit to us in our role as the Logistics Contractor and is something that our customers continue to reap the rewards from and request. The ability to instantly take photos quickly and efficiently on site, create a notice and description which is then automatically sent to the sub-contractor and recorded as a site instruction in the system saves a huge amount of time. And because, this feature already sits within the existing Zone Manager DMS, all the sub-contractor details are already stored. More importantly, because the system is being used in a consistent and disciplined way, financial recovery is also more streamlined.”

Having the ability to automatically send the clean up notices to the sub-contractor with a 24-hour notice period is crucial as it produces a clear and cohesive evidence trail for reporting purposes with which Duffy Contract Services can hold sub-contractors accountable.  Because of this, the sub-contractor is then responsible for resolving the issue as well as having to provide evidence of the completed action. At this point, because the action notices are stored in one central system, the notices can be reviewed, and further actions can be issued before Duffy Contract Services are satisfied that the notice can be marked as complete. Having the ability to report on the status and progress of the notice is a significant tool for the relationship with the principal contractor:

“Having the ability to effectively track the progress of the notices after they are issued enables every member of the principal contractor management team to have visibility of notices and pursue if necessary.”

 Zone Manager are proud and honoured to implement Delivery Management for Duffy Contract Services and thanks the team for their continued support.

Delivery Management for Duffy Contract Services
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