Find the best Zone Manager package for your project

Zone Manager is a multi-user logistics planning and site delivery management system with various packages suited to different projects of all sizes. 

All of which come with our recognised, responsive support.

With a simple 3-tiered pricing structure we’re confident that we can provide effective site delivery management software for any project.

Choose from our Packages

Packages |Foundation Package Zone Manager Our Foundation package provides a solid basis for managing site deliveries through your own portal.

Working month by month our foundation package doesn’t tie you in to any long term contract.

Core Package Zone Manager Delivery Management System Our Core package introduces additional functionality to manage multiple areas at your site, produce site alerts and even produce site permits.
Packages | Estate Package Zone Manager  For major projects wishing to benefit from Zone Manager Estate package where fully customisable schedules and reporting are available.




Packages Managing site deliveries Packages | Zone Manager Managing site deliveries


Use the table below to learn more about the various packages we offer. Explore the individual options within each package and select the one most appropriate for your business and its needs.

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Packages | Zone Manager | Delivery Management System

Find the best Zone Manager package for your project

Packages | Foundation Package Zone Manager    Foundation Packages | Core Package Zone Manager           Core Packages | Estate Package Zone Manager         Estate
Online Delivery Management tick-2  tick-2  tick-2
Graphical Diary based booking, either direct or requiring approval  tick-2  tick-2  tick-2
Customised Contractor Portal limited tick-2 custom
 Zones  10  20  unlimited
 Bookings per week  50  250  unlimited
 Support options Email only Email & phone Assigned contract manager
 Contractor email notifications  tick-2  tick-2  tick-2
 Interactive schedule for administrators  tick-2  tick-2  tick-2
 Live Gate Operator terminal  tick-2  tick-2  tick-2
 Schedules and Reports Basic  tick-2  tick-2(custom)
 Live Report Dashboard  tick-2  tick-2
 Multiple Site Areas  tick-2  tick-2
 Site Alerts  tick-2  tick-2
 Truck Holding Areas tick-2 tick-2
 Plan based booking tick-2  tick-2
 Barcode delivery tracking tick-2 tick-2
Snagging (Cleanup notices) option tick-2
 Additional Data Capture  option
 Signature Capture  option
Your own domain name option tick-2
SSL Security (https) option tick-2
 Multi-Site  option

Packages | Foundation Package Zone Manager


Packages | Core Package Zone Manager


Packages | Estate Package Zone Manager






We also offer bespoke packages. For more information please call 0345 222 9902 or e-mail