Commonwealth Games Construction Logistics

Commonwealth Games Construction logistics

With the Commonwealth Games 2020 comes a plethora of major construction projects that aim to provide not just outstanding facilities for the duration of the games but have the longer aim of providing local communities with a legacy and world-class facilities for decades to come. With the densely urban locations of projects for the Aquatics Centre and Athletes Village being highly sensitive in the local community with concerns from protestors about traffic congestion, health and safety, air pollution and access...

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Complete Compliance with Zone Manager – Construction Logistics Plans (Transport for London)

TfL compliancy article

What are Construction Logistics Plans? Construction Logistics Plans (CLP’s) have long been a prerequisite for construction projects in London with the aim to minimise the impact of construction logistics on the road network therefore reducing environmental impact, congestion and cost.  They critically provide the “framework for understanding and managing construction vehicle activity.” (Construction Logistics Plan Guidance 2017, p.3) What do Detailed CLP’s require? CLP’s form part of planning applications that Local Planning Authorities are responsible for approving. Detailed CLP’s require...

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Complete BREEAM Compliance with Zone Manager

BREEAM compliance with Zone Manager

The technicality and complexity of BREEAM regulations can cause organisations large amounts of headache and stress. Fulfilling regulation criteria whilst assembling efficient evidence can occupy numerous resources, such as time. However, we also understand the importance of reaching your BREEAM compliance particularly in an industry where third party certification is increasingly crucial in building confidence with individuals, local businesses and the wider community. That is why you can effortlessly achieve part of the BREEAM New Construction category requirements Man 03...

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Case Study-Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Duffy Construction Case Study RNOH Zone Manager

It’s easy to understand why Duffy Contract Services have not only been utilising Zone Manager since their move into the world of logistics in 2016 but why they are advocates of the Delivery Management System that goes far above and beyond other systems on the market. When Duffy Contract Services were faced with the daunting prospect of entering the arena of logistics, it was Zone Manager that they decided to approach in order to find a web-based delivery management system...

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Overcoming City Centre Construction challenges with Consolidation Centres

Inner city developments within densely populated urban environments are a permanent fixture in the city centre landscape. With regards to traffic congestion, city centres already face overwhelming traffic pressure and disruptions and construction sites inevitably increase traffic volumes through delivery vehicles. At Zone Manager we understand that demonstrating compliance and improvements in safety, congestion and air quality for large construction projects particularly in city centres, is of the utmost importance to project managers as well as to local communities. The...

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