MediaCityUK – Zone Manager

MediaCityUK is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKMediaCityUK is a major 200 acre site which will, when complete, have over 7 million sq. ft of new and refurbished floor space for business, retail and residential property.  It will be home to the BBC in Manchester. This is a very large site with several gates onto it from surrounding roads. Yet despite its size it has limited space for holding vehicles on site. An off-site area was found to allow delivery vehicles to be marshalled prior to being sent to site.

Zone Manager is being used to help with the Delivery Management on the site. Connolly Construction Facilities Management (CCF) have opted for the full system, including the web based interface. They have decided to allow Trade Contractors to make their own bookings directly via the web. Whilst this reduces the workload for CCFs logistics team considerably, it must, of course, be tightly controlled. Zone Manager’s ability to restrict contractors to specific zones and times, and the ability to prevent ‘last-minute’ changes, are therefore very important.

The web interface has also enabled CCF to operate real-time control of deliveries.  By providing the remote holding park and gate operators with laptops equipped with 3G modems, they have enabled the booking of vehicles onto the system in real-time, providing an up-to-the minute view of what is on-site to anyone with access to the systems.