How a DMS can help you reach Net Zero

Cutting back on carbon emissions can be difficult, especially in construction and facility settings.

Zone Manager’s Delivery Management System is vital for so many businesses because it offers numerous functions to help reduce carbon emissions. From tracking to collaboration, Zone Manager’s DMS has everything you need to curb your emissions and reach net zero.


DMS functions and utilities

Delivery scheduling

One of the leading contributors to carbon emissions is wasted travel and transport time. With Zone Manager you can organise all your deliveries, contractors, and suppliers in one computerised schedule, limiting the chances of human error and double bookings. This helps to ensure no time and therefore fuel is wasted with unnecessary and disorganised deliveries.

Consolidation of deliveries

An even better step to reducing your carbon emissions is the consolidation of multiple small deliveries into one large haul. Zone Manager’s DMS allows you to track the contents of all your deliveries allowing you to consolidate them frequently and consistently. Consolidating deliveries will once again save you time, money and will help to cut back carbon emissions.

This is especially efficient when combined with consolidation centres and last mile delivery vehicles.

Accurate inventory management

Outside of deliveries, waste management is the most vital element when cutting back on carbon emissions. Knowing what you have regarding material inventory is key in eliminating waste and unnecessary deliveries. This helps avoid further fabrication of materials and reduces the overall number of deliveries for your projects. With Zone Manager’s DMS you can keep track of all holding areas and inventory spaces to ensure you use all your available materials before ordering in.

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Impacts and effects

Improve contractor and supplier satisfaction

With reduced waiting times and queues with Zone Manager’s DMS your supplier and contractor relationships will improve and can lead to greater opportunities in the future. It also helps you to identify potential areas of concern and the DMS provides you with the evidence needed to act accordingly. The DMS always supports your partners in reaching their own net zero goals.

Reduce frequency of lost and damaged goods

With the support of Zone Manager’s DMS you’ll be able to stay completely on top of your materials. This will help to cut costs and carbon emissions as you’ll avoid instances of damaged and stolen goods which would otherwise lead to significant down time and waiting periods.

Showcase commitment to efficiency

By utilising Zone Manager’s DMS you’re showcasing to your shareholders and customers that you’re not only committed to reaching your net zero goals but you’re dedicated to efficiency and continuous improvement. The return on investment with the DMS is far greater than just its application to net zero goals.

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