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Management Delivery System (MDS)

Event management can often involve a lot of simultaneous activity.  Suppliers delivering to different stands or stages in different parts of the venue may want to bring their displays and materials at the same time.

Access to your site can be limited due to a single access gate,  restricted loading bays, consistent traffic or other reasons outside of your control. When this is combined with security requirements, deliveries can become a headache for any project.

These are all reasons why an online delivery management system can ease the job of the Operations manager.

Useful Zone Manager features for your project

  • Suppliers self-book deliveries significantly reducing staffing costs
  • Prevents double booking of load zones so capacity isn’t exceeded
  • Automatic booking of defensive vehicle search slot where load zone is secure
  • Provides real-time run lists for vehicle search terms
  • Real-time checking of load, vehicle and driver details by checkpoint marshals
  • Analytics and reporting provide visibility of all activity
  • Data extracts for close-out reporting
  • Multi-drop capability

Benefits of Zone Manager's Event Delivery Management System

  • Restricted access to load zones
  • Real time delivery updates
  • Stakeholder views of all data
  • Self-booking capacity for suppliers

Zone Manager’s Delivery Management solution for Events is the first of its kind in the market!

Streamline your complex event operations with Zone Manager. Organise deliveries and pick-ups to fit your unique circumstances so you can focus on the aspects of your projects that matter most.

Events Delivery Management System FAQ’s

Can we restrict where suppliers can deliver to?

Yes, the system allows you to grant and deny supplier access, not just to delivery points, but gates and vehicle types.

Can we restrict the times when delivery points are open for deliveries?

Yes, by default delivery points are open and the system allows you to configure closed periods.

What platforms is Zone Manager compatible with?

Zone Manager is browser based and so works across any platform with a modern browser.

Does the DMS support tracking deliveries at the outer perimeter and also at the delivery point?

Outer perimeter marshalls can track when vehicles arrive and leave the site. The delivery area marshalls can further track when vehicles enter and leave their specific delivery areas.

What different levels of user access are there for the system?

The different levels of access which can be set up in Zone Manager are:

  • Administrator – system administrators who can do everything from configuration changes to managing bookings.
  • Admin Viewer – read-only access to everything which is typically given to system overseers.
  • Supervisor – day-to-day tasks such as managing bookings and setting up logins but can’t make configuration changes.
  • Gate Operator – booking deliveries in and out of site
  • Contractor – make and manage their own bookings. These are of two types; those that can only request delivery slots (Requestor) and those that can make confirmed bookings (Booker)
What are the capabilities regarding vehicle searches?

The DMS can automatically manage the capacity of vehicle search areas. Deliveries for areas that require “clean” vehicles can automatically have a vehicle search slot booked.

Our Work

Male Officer Works on a Computer with Surveillance CCTV and Zone Manager interface on a screen, Video Monitoring Center

MDS for Events - COP26

Zone Manager implemented delivery management solutions for the COP26 summit in Glasgow, which took place in October 2021. Zone Manager’s MDS was utilised to schedule deliveries and collections, as well as appropriate vehicle searches, to the highly secure site at the SEC. Information stored on the system was used during the outer permitter checks to support security procedures.

The Broadway Bradford Delivery Management System

DMS for Retail - Broadway Bradford

Since it’s opening in 2015, The Broadway Bradford has continued to be a bustling city centre shopping complex, with an average of 1400 deliveries every month. Zone Manager is a fundamental cog in the logistics wheel, ensuring strict control and security measures for the vast number of deliveries to the site.

Sellafield DMS

Custom DMS - Sellafield

An enhanced, bespoke version of the Zone Manager Delivery Management System is live as an outward facing DMS for a Sellafield Ltd. distribution centre in the north west of England. Zone Manager was involved in the end-to-end process of designing and delivering a custom logistics solution, working in collaboration with other system providers.

Completed projects

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Words from our clients

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Zone Manager Delivery Management System flexibility and the expert team’s willingness to build specific functionalities to meet the needs of different projects is just unrivalled.”

Stephen McCarthy

Group SEHQ Manager, Duffy Contract Services

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Because of their extensive knowledge and background in construction logistics, Zone Manager are able to suggest creative and practical solutions to specific issues. Their system's customisability and integration capabilities are simply outstanding.”

Travis Scott

Operations Manager, Focus Group Logistics

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“I'm impressed with the way Zone Manager is frequently updated based feedback from users. The support team are always on hand and ready to assist when needed. I would highly recommend Zone Manager to Logistics Coordinators and hope to use it again in future projects.”

Logistics Manager

Battersea Power Station Development

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