Continuous improvement using a Delivery Management System

In the final part of our whitpaper teaser we highlight how computerised delivery management systems drive continuous improvement.

The useful features of a DMS drive continuous improvement across your sites

While the day-to-day benefits of a computerised delivery management system are widely accepted, the potential for continuous improvement via reporting is often overlooked. This is especially the case with supplier, asset, and congestion data.

By tracking supplier data, you can quickly identify which of your suppliers consistently fail to deliver on time and those who frequently deliver incomplete orders. This will help you to take steps to solve issues that the supplier may be facing and, in extreme cases, inform you when another supplier may be necessary.

Asset management is much easier when you have historical data to look at and analyse. With this data you can identify which assets could be used more productively as well as how you can better organise future sites for asset efficiency.

Continous improvement dashboard

Knowing when and where your site becomes congested is key to creating an efficient and successful delivery management schedule.

This information allows you to utilise your access points more evenly, avoid peak congestion times for deliveries and to improve your site traffic system. These benefits can also be carried over onto new sites and projects.

Often, to ensure that operational staff and senior management are onboard for continuous improvement you have to set up a clear evidence base.

This is only possible if logistics managers are dedicated to collecting operational data and utilising it to drive continuous improvement. A computerised delivery management system is an ideal tool to record, store and report this data.

Large sites and sites with lots of deliveries should always look to use a computerised delivery management system. Read more about how DMS computerised features support construction projects here.

Our full whitepaper covering delivery management systems will be released in the coming weeks. This whitepaper will cover the various features of delivery management systems as well as detailing why they are vital tools for countless construction projects.

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