Delivery Management Systems: Main Features

Find out all about delivery management system key features in this part of our new DMS themed whitepaper.

Defining a delivery management system’s key features

While delivery management systems can come in various shapes and sizes, there are a few key features that are consistent across good delivery management systems:

  • Manage, track, and record the movement of vehicles entering and leaving the site.
  • Manage, track, and record the movement of vehicles within the site.
  • Control when vehicles and deliveries are expected on site.
  • Notifications when deliveries arrive.
  • The ability to refuse deliveries if they are too early or too late.
  • Contractors can be notified when their materials are expected as well as when they arrive.
  • Control over lay-down and holding areas for temporary storage of goods.
  • Control of site assets such as hoists and trucks.
  • Manage materials from delivery to the point of use to minimise doubling handling and wasted time.
  • Scheduling of waste removal.

These features can be made available to various extents depending on the software and hardware available to site managers.

Delivery management system key features

 Technically, delivery management systems can be delivered on anything from whiteboards to fully computerised systems

Whiteboards are only remotely viable on small sites where deliveries can be managed by one person via phone calls and emails. This does still leave room for human error which can cause significant logistical challenges if not dealt with properly.

Spreadsheets can provide a decent starting base for a delivery management system, especially if they are sophisticated and automated.

Once again though, they are prone to human error and aren’t truly real-time, so there are limitations to their application. They are best utilised on small sites that have to organise a small number of deliveries.

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