Delivery Management System Computerised Features

Large sites and sites with lots of deliveries should always look to use a computerised delivery management system. Read more about what DMS computerised features support construction projects.

Delivery Management System Computerised Features

Large sites and sites with lots of deliveries should always look to use a fully computerised delivery management system. The most important Delivery Management System Computerised Features, which their other older alternatives lack, include:

  • Access control – passwords, device, and location restrictions.
  • Web interfaces
  • Specific access for suppliers and contractors.
  • Diaries and calendars.
  • Facilities for authorised personnel to manage loading bays and resources such as cranes and forklift trucks.
  • Facilities to create and manage lay-down areas.
  • Manage multiple entrances and loading bays.
  • Manage multiple sites across a project.
  • Track and control vehicles on and off site.
  • Reporting on historical, current, and planned activity.

A computerised system allows for far more detailed monitoring and control for project and site managers. They also provide another level of security compared to their alternatives, especially if the system is hosted by the organisation internally.

Some delivery management system suppliers will also provide hardware along with their software. This helps organisations to avoid the concern of having to purchase high-tech devices separately. This along with set-up and training will incur extra costs but will help site personnel to avoid the learning-curve that is often associated with complex delivery management systems.

When compared to their physical alternatives, delivery management systems computerised features dwarf the capability of their counterparts limited features. The adaptability and consistency that is inherent with computerised feaures are more often than not the line that divides the great from the good.

Computerised delivery management systems allow their users to accurately report on their carbon emissions. This is especially relevant with the new announcement of net zero requirements for construction projects. For more information on what contractors are required to do to ensure they can bid on major government construction projects,  click here.

We also have a short article on Delivery Management Systems’ Main Features. If you’ve ever wondered, click here to find out what the key features of a DMS are.


Implementing a DMS drives continuous improvement. In this short article we talk about ways of making your construction project more efficient by using a DMS.

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