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Manage incoming deliveries on Industrial Sites with DMS

Manage internal movements of materials and goods 

Managing incoming deliveries on industrial sites, such as factories and manufacturing plants, can be very complex. Site managers juggle many responsibilities, from managing suppliers and their expectations, to tight schedules and site access restrictions. A DMS like Zone Manager provides a well-equipped solution to optimise logistics on your industrial site.

By using Zone Manager, you can address common challenges in managing deliveries on industrial sites. Our user-friendly booking system enables suppliers to schedule deliveries in designated time slots, reducing congestion and scheduling conflicts. The calendar interface allows site managers to monitor and manage all incoming deliveries effectively.

Zone Manager can be used to manage internal material movements, you always control what area a delivery is being made to. The DMS can also be used to track bonded deliveries, so you can make sure the delivery has not been tampered with.

With Zone Manager, you can optimise the use of space and integrate with your inventory management system to coordinate the arrival and movement of materials on-site more efficiently.

Factories, Manufacturing Plants and other types of production plants

Zone Manager has numerous customers in this sector, embedding DMS in production and manufacturing plants.

Many industrial sites, such as factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses or power plants, can significantly benefit from embedding a Delivery Management System (DMS) like Zone Manager.

By streamlining inbound logistics and onsite material movement, these sites can improve operational efficiency, reduce congestion and enhance overall productivity.

Useful Zone Manager features for Industrial Sites

  • Centralised delivery schedule for suppliers and managers to access
  • Streamlined communication through notifications and action notices
  • Optimise resource allocation
  • The system can track key performance indicators such as on-time deliveries, loading/unloading times, resource utilisation and produce reports
  • Enhance security through access control features like invite-only access

High Security Sites and plants

Zone Manager has implemented DMS in a number of secure environments and already has features that can be leveraged to build high security and specialist DMS systems.

The system can also be installed on site servers, with or without access for technical support.

If you require a cloud based DMS where you have particular security requirements, get in touch today.

Useful Zone Manager features for Secure Sites

  • Online Booking System
  • All users required to log in
  • Restricted access to parts of the site by role or rule based
  • Enforced security checking based on Supplier, location, materials being delivered
  • Intelligent routing based on supplier, load etc. 
  • Zone Manager can be used in Consolidation Centres to consolidate incoming deliveries and avoid security risks


Zone Manager is based on a system that was designed for the management of a food manufacturing warehouse. It provides all the key features found on major ERP systems for a fraction of the price.

As a cloud based solution it has no impact on internal IT and only requires an internet connection.

Key benefits include:

  • Lower costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Central management
  • API integration to existing systems
  • Multi-site option provides even more value for money

Useful Zone Manager features for Warehouses

  • All key DMS features found on major ERP systems
  • 24-hour Diary to book loads and deliveries onto incoming and outgoing Docks
  • Real-time visibility of events on site
  • Security Gate module for booking vehicles
  • Dock operations functions
  • Web interface for Suppliers and Hauliers
  • POs and Delivery Notes can be linked and related to deliveries

Our Work


DMS for Retail - Westfield Stratford

The Westfield Stratford city shopping centre in London is the 4th largest shopping centre in the UK. After opening in 2011, Westfield had broken industry records delivering £1.1bn in retail sales and over 46m customer annually. Following a recommendation from Westfield's development arm, Zone Manager was quickly set up and configured to function as a retail centre delivery management system.


DMS for Logistics Contractors - Focus Group

Focus Group Logistics have been making use of Zone Manager to assist in the management of large-scale construction projects for a number of years and says that, by using Zone Manager, he and his team have benefited from better management of site congestion and their ability to better manage their planning function.

Close-up of man cutting wood with DeWalt table saw

DMS for Refurbishment Projects - Malmaison York Hotel

Zone Manager assisted in the refurbishment of Malmaison Hotel by providing our award-winning Delivery Management System Solutions and a comprehensive logistics plan. The product and service Zone Manager provided tackled obstacles such as heavily restricted delivery schedule, limited delivery space and a one-way traffic system among others.

Completed projects

Years of industry experience

Words from our clients

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Zone Manager Delivery Management System flexibility and the expert team’s willingness to build specific functionalities to meet the needs of different projects is just unrivalled.”

Stephen McCarthy

Group SEHQ Manager, Duffy Contract Services

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Because of their extensive knowledge and background in construction logistics, Zone Manager are able to suggest creative and practical solutions to specific issues. Their system's customisability and integration capabilities are simply outstanding.”

Travis Scott

Operations Manager, Focus Group Logistics

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“I'm impressed with the way Zone Manager is frequently updated based feedback from users. The support team are always on hand and ready to assist when needed. I would highly recommend Zone Manager to Logistics Coordinators and hope to use it again in future projects.”

Logistics Manager

Battersea Power Station Development

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