Delivery Management System for Facilities Management Companies



Zone Manager DMS for Facility Management

Zone Manager is an ideal Delivery Management System for Facilities Management companies. It helps managers and their suppliers schedule incoming deliveries to a facility, in 3 easy steps.

Zone Manager gives facility managers an overview of all booked deliveries, featuring a calendar-style interface. Suppliers and tenants can request or book slots at any of the delivery points, which are fully configurable based on your site requirements.

If your facility uses Consolidation Centres, Zone Manager can be used to manage incoming materials to these.

Zone Manager allows delivery points and other resources (e.g. goods lifts) to be managed centrally, by the facility manager or separately, by the tenants. Accessing the system is invite-only, for improved security, with self-registration for suppliers available if required.

Useful features for your facility management tasks

  • Provides suppliers with key information (approved access routes, available delivery slots etc.)
  • Provides information to enable rationalisation
  • Central control of delivery points
  • Live updates of delivery status
  • Gates, loading bays, docks and goods lifts can all be brought under a central system

Zone Manager Applications

  • Commercial Properties
  • Consolidation Centres
  • Retail Outlets & Shopping Centres
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Event Spaces
  • Mixed Use Spaces & others

Consolidation Centres

Commercial Properties often have limited access to delivery areas and loading bays. Strict controls are placed on the number and timings of deliveries a site can have.

In some central locations, loading bays have to be underground with ramp or lift access, adding significant travel time between gate and dock. The goods lift within a building becomes a bottleneck and needs to be managed.

Allowing tenants to individually order supplies and have them delivered as and when they want is becoming increasingly untenable.

Consolidation centres are becoming necessary to reduce traffic and make best use of resources – and Zone Manager effectively supports this throguh intelligent decision making capabilities.

Facilitiy Management Delivery Management System FAQ’s

Does the Delivery Management System have Delivery booking and tracking capabilities?

Yes, diarised and tabular views are provided to allow admins and supervisors to track and manage the delivery schedule. Suppliers have similar capability but are restricted to their own bookings.

How easy is it for suppliers to register? Can they register themselves?

The registration feature allows the supplier to request a new company account and login credentials. Registration requests can easily be approved or rejected by site administrator, giving you control over who can make bookings.

How does the Delivery Management System support security?

The DMS supports security through its invite-only access and centralised overview and control of site access by a manager who confirms bookings.

Can you configure loading bays?

An unlimited number of loading bays and service areas can be configured. Operational windows, default slot sizes, maximum vehicle sizes, supplier access rights can be easily configured.

What different levels of user access are there for the system?

The different levels of access which can be set up in Zone Manager are:

  • Administrator – system administrators who can do everything from configuration changes to managing bookings.
  • Admin Viewer – read-only access to everything which is typically given to system overseers.
  • Supervisor – day-to-day tasks such as managing bookings and setting up logins but can’t make configuration changes.
  • Gate Operator – booking deliveries in and out of site
  • Contractor – make and manage their own bookings. These are of two types; those that can only request delivery slots (Requestor) and those that can make confirmed bookings (Booker)
Is the Delivery Management System IT Secure?

Yes, the system is hosted on our secure UK servers.

Is training provided?

On-site training is provided where possible as part of all subscription packages. We can also offer online training as an alternative.

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Our Work

The Broadway Bradford Delivery Management System

DMS for Retail - Broadway Bradford

Since it’s opening in 2015, The Broadway Bradford has continued to be a bustling city centre shopping complex, with an average of 1400 deliveries every month. Zone Manager is a fundamental cog in the logistics wheel, ensuring strict control and security measures for the vast number of deliveries to the site.


DMS for Retail - Westfield Stratford

The Westfield Stratford city shopping centre in London is the 4th largest shopping centre in the UK. Following a recommendation from Westfield’s development arm, Zone Manager was quickly set up and configured to function as a retail centre delivery management system.

Canary Wharf Heron Quays

DMS for Access Control & Traffic Management - Heron Quays

Canary Wharf Management Limited (CWML) needed to control access to the loading bays and looked for a system that would provide the traffic management. Based on their experience with Zone Manager, CWML opted to use our system. This site has been in operation for almost 14 years and over that time has recorded well over a million deliveries.

Completed projects

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Words from our clients

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Zone Manager Delivery Management System flexibility and the expert team’s willingness to build specific functionalities to meet the needs of different projects is just unrivalled.”

Stephen McCarthy

Group SEHQ Manager, Duffy Contract Services

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Because of their extensive knowledge and background in construction logistics, Zone Manager are able to suggest creative and practical solutions to specific issues. Their system's customisability and integration capabilities are simply outstanding.”

Travis Scott

Operations Manager, Focus Group Logistics

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“I'm impressed with the way Zone Manager is frequently updated based feedback from users. The support team are always on hand and ready to assist when needed. I would highly recommend Zone Manager to Logistics Coordinators and hope to use it again in future projects.”

Logistics Manager

Battersea Power Station Development