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Zone Manager

Our software development and real-life delivery management experience allows us to customise Zone Manager to your particular project requirements.

Basing a system on a proven core means a faster and more cost-effective development compared to starting from scratch. 

Where possible, we retain upgradability so your system can benefit from core system upgrades.

Examples of major changes we have implemented for clients

  • changes to the booking and process flows
  • enhanced security
  • restricted access to certain parts of the site by role
  • custom load collection
  • configurable data fields
  • multi-drop and/or multi-gate routing etc.

Our Work

The Broadway Bradford Delivery Management System

DMS for Retail - Broadway Bradford

Since it’s opening in 2015, The Broadway Bradford has continued to be a bustling city centre shopping complex, with an average of 1400 deliveries every month. Zone Manager is a fundamental cog in the logistics wheel, ensuring strict control and security measures for the vast number of deliveries to the site.


DMS for Logistics Contractors - Focus Group

Focus Group Logistics have been making use of Zone Manager to assist in the management of large-scale construction projects for a number of years and says that, by using Zone Manager, he and his team have benefited from better management of site congestion and their ability to better manage their planning function.

Sellafield DMS

Custom DMS - Sellafield

An enhanced, bespoke version of the Zone Manager Delivery Management System is live as an outward facing DMS for a Sellafield Ltd. distribution centre in the north west of England. Zone Manager was involved in the end-to-end process of designing and delivering a custom logistics solution, working in collaboration with other system providers.

Completed projects

Years of industry experience

Words from our clients

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Zone Manager’s flexibility and the expert team’s willingness to build specific functionalities to meet the needs of different projects is just unrivalled.”

Stephen McCarthy

Group SEHQ Manager, Duffy Contract Services

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“Because of their extensive knowledge and background in construction logistics, Zone Manager are able to suggest creative and practical solutions to specific issues. Their system’s customisability and integration capabilities are simply outstanding.”

Travis Scott

Operations Manager, Focus Group Logistics

Gold standard support Zone Manager

“I’m impressed with the way Zone Manager is frequently updated based feedback from users. The support team are always on hand and ready to assist when needed. I would highly recommend Zone Manager to Logistics Coordinators and hope to use it again in future projects.”

Logistics Manager

Battersea Power Station Development

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