Bringing Supply Chain thinking into the Construction Industry

Zone Manager is a pioneer in the application of modern logistics solutions within the construction industry. Too often Construction Logistics is narrowly applied to on-site handling, when in fact this is simply the tip of the iceberg. The most effective construction logistics solutions require an all-encompassing supply chain management approach.

Making sense of a logistics approach takes many construction managers out of their comfort zone, but with our unparalleled knowledge of construction logistics, augmented by experience in other relevant industries such as manufacturing and retail, Zone Manager is well placed to help companies and developers cultivate new strategies to create efficient, cost-effective practices for 21st century construction sites.

Applying effective logistics practices on construction projects benefits our clients in three main areas:

1        Programme certainty

  • Time is often wasted on construction sites due to unavailable materials, inefficient handling systems and poor timekeeping by hauliers and suppliers, leading to congestion at access points.

2        Environmental Impact

  • Effective logistics solutions can drastically reduce waste of construction materials, which can sometimes be as high as 15-20%. Materials are wasted in a number of ways, including poor handling, poor storage conditions, and too much material being brought to site in advance rather than ‘just-in-time’. (Read about our work with WRAP below)
  • Our solutions can also reduce carbon emissions drastically, enabling clients to fulfil their environmental obligations.

3        Cost Reduction

  • This can typically be achieved through effective material supply and the subsequent increases in productivity. Faster construction work is also a major cost improvement factor, as material waste is being reduced. We develop construction logistics strategies that enable our client’s to reap the rewards in business savings.

As a result of our work in this area we have developed, and continue to supply, the industry-leading application Zone Manager for managing the access and control of vehicles and resources on busy construction sites. Productivity is lost when materials are not available, and cause congestion when they turn up on site too early. Our Zone Manger Delivery Management System effectively and powerfully manages these resources on construction sites.

Zone Manager is a product of The Logistics business - Use in the Construction Industry

Multiple buildings, gates, cranes, hoists, forklifts and a steady flow of deliveries- all controlled by Zone Manager

Our position as pioneers in this sector is supported by our participation in industry forums and the publication of leading white papers that are at the forefront of construction logistics thinking.

Waste Reduction through Construction Logistics

Implementing effective logistics strategies is the best way of reducing environmental impact- such as waste and carbon emissions- on construction sites.

As part of this work, we have produced several case studies and reports covering a wide variety of construction projects, from the small to the very large (£1 billion plus projects).

During our work with WRAP we studied a number of construction projects undertaken by leading companies in the UK. What these projects all had in common was their detailed application of construction logistics principles. Some specific strategies introduced included:

  • The use of Construction Consolidation Centre and on-site logistics specialists
  • The use of IT support, such as our Zone Manager Delivery Management System
  • The implementation of reusable pallets and packaging