Zone Manager Configurations

Zone Manager can be configured for operation on any size project from small, single delivery point sites to large multi-location operations. There is a Zone Manager for every budget.

Zone Manager ‘Foundation’

  • Provides a system for site with up to 10 Zones (Delivery Points, Hoists, Cranes) and 50 Bookings per week
    • Full online access for Contractors and Administrators
    • Include your Logo
  • Diary based booking, either direct or requiring approval
  • Contractor email notifications
  • Interactive Schedule with Day and Week Views. Ideal for  planning the week ahead.
  • Live Gate Operator functionality using a tablet or any suitable handheld device
  • Viewing and printing of Gate schedules and KPI Reports
    • Unlimited Contractors

Zone Manager ‘Core’

  • ‘Lite’ plus the following
  • Provides a system for site with up to 20 Zones (Delivery Points, Hoists, Cranes) and 200 Bookings per week
  • Real-time Dashboard showing week overviews, live status of bookings and more.
  • Organise site into areas
  • Option: Plan based booking.  Contractors book from site plans or layouts.
  • Option: Site Permit.  Site permits can be printed by contractors as proof of booking

Zone Manager ‘Estate’

  • ‘Standard’ plus the following
  • Unlimited Zones, unlimited bookings
  • Real-time Dashboard showing week overviews and live status of bookings
  • Includes Plan Based Booking
  • Option: Site Permit.  Site permits can include Barcodes.  Gate Operators can scan barcode for faster receiving
  • Option: Additional Data collection e.g. Driver details, including reports
  • Option: Signature capture at Gate.  Get drivers to enter their signature onscreen.
  • Multi-project options
    • Managing multiple sites centrally. Ideal for Logistics Contractors
    • Manage a large site split into multiple major contracts

Logistics Contractors

  •  If you are a Logistics Contractor and want to add value for your customers a multi-site Zone Manager system is ideal.  We will provide a system to you which you can use for as many of your customers as would benefit from proper Delivery Management.  Having an in-house system promotes your business whilst the site specific landing pages give an individual feel for each site or client.  Please contact us for details

Custom System

  • We are able to provide a customised version of Zone Manager to meet your specific requirements.  Basing a delivery management system on the Zone Manager core dramatically reduces development time and costs.  You can also benefit from future enhancements of the core system.