Complete Compliance with Zone Manager – Construction Logistics Plans (Transport for London)

TfL compliancy article

What are Construction Logistics Plans?

Construction Logistics Plans (CLP’s) have long been a prerequisite for construction projects in London with the aim to minimise the impact of construction logistics on the road network therefore reducing environmental impact, congestion and cost.  They critically provide the “framework for understanding and managing construction vehicle activity.” (Construction Logistics Plan Guidance 2017, p.3)

What do Detailed CLP’s require?

CLP’s form part of planning applications that Local Planning Authorities are responsible for approving. Detailed CLP’s require planned measures from contractors for medium and high impact sites with specific reference to:

  • delivery scheduling
  • number of vehicle movements to site (by vehicle type/size, time spent on site, origin and destination of vehicles, delivery/collection accuracy compared to schedule)
  • community considerations
  • vehicle routing and site access

in addition to ensuring that the CLP and planned measures are adhered to on the day-to-day management of the live site.

Do CLP’s require a commitment to a delivery scheduling tool?

The Construction Logistics Plan Guidance, 2017 makes specific reference to how valuable the use of online delivery booking and tracking systems are in being able to provide detailed evidence about the number and type of delivery vehicles as well as the benefit of accurate reporting on the efficiency and accuracy of deliveries:

“Sites are encouraged to employ a Delivery Management System (DMS). This could be either electronic or paper based. Whatever the format, such systems are vital to the coordination of a site’s booking and delivery process. Delivery management ensures that the flow of vehicles to and from site is controlled ensuring that deliveries are expected to promote safe and efficient use of loading/unloading areas. Delivery Management also provides surety of delivery for critical items, which protects the integrity of the build schedule, and allows for accurate, efficient reporting of delivery activity.”

(Construction Logistics Plan Guidance, 2017)

Zone Manager, the powerful Delivery Management System does this and more:

The Zone Manager delivery management system effectively:

  • manages and books contractors, sub-contractors and delivery traffic to and from sites
  • allows on site resources such as hoists and cranes to be pre-booked
  • provides a transparent, live and accurate visibility of operations
  • delivers detailed reporting giving opportunities for rationalising future deliveries
  • CO2 and emissions reporting in bespoke formats


Construction Logistics Plan Guidance. (2017). London.