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With the Commonwealth Games 2020 comes a plethora of major construction projects that aim to provide not just outstanding facilities for the duration of the games but have the longer aim of providing local communities with a legacy and world-class facilities for decades to come.

With the densely urban locations of projects for the Aquatics Centre and Athletes Village being highly sensitive in the local community with concerns from protestors about traffic congestion, health and safety, air pollution and access for emergency services, it is inevitable that contractors will want these issues to be managed to the highest of standards.

A careful and informed selection of a Delivery Management System will provide effective solutions in the management of a multitude of issues such as the ones cited above.
The fundamental functionality of a DMS needs to be the effective management of contractors, sub-contractors and deliveries arriving at site which are not only the major headache for site managers but are also linked to the primary concerns voiced by residents about congestion, safety and emissions.

However, selecting a Delivery Management System that is underpinned by a well thought through and effective logistics package is crucial. It needs to go beyond the effective management and booking of delivery traffic to sites by allowing on site resources such as hoists and cranes to be pre-booked so that deliveries can then be managed once on site.

,Multiples areas on projects such as the Aquatics Centre and Athletes Village will benefit from customised live reporting functionality from a Delivery Management System such as Zone Manager. Being able to customise live reporting in such a way that the scheduler is visible in multiple areas as well as bespoke intervals being set provides a transparent, live and accurate visibility of operations.

Zone Manager has been tried and tested with similar large-scale projects having been the DMS of choice for both the Athlete’s Village for London 2012 and the Headingly Stadium redevelopment and as a Midlands supplier, Zone Manager is perfectly positioned for the Commonwealth projects.

Thorough and detailed CO2 and emission reporting will be paramount on such projects and it is something that Zone Manager produces as standard. However, Zone Manager goes further as the team can produce bespoke reporting format in order to meet specific requirements which has, on other projects, resulted in high praise from the Considerate Constructors Scheme auditors.

What sets Zone Manager apart from other DMS?
-Differentiated versions on mobile and tablets- these give traffic marshals and gate operators a streamlined version of the live reporting providing instant visibility of scheduled authorised deliveries. Marshals can then quickly process these deliveries and flag missing deliveries.

-Management of all entrances, exits and fire exits in addition to managing orders and deliveries

-Additional Action Notices feature- this can seamlessly manage contractor action notices such as clean ups, from within the existing Zone Manager system. Photos of the issues can be uploaded with specific action deadlines and sent directly to the contractors which then provides invaluable evidence for the project manager.

-Consistent system that can easily be used for future upgrades to existing projects

-Flexibility and Customisation to meet the needs of different projects