Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Duffy Construction Case Study RNOH Zone Manager

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

It’s easy to understand why Duffy Contract Services have not only been utilising Zone Manager since their move into the world of logistics in 2016 but why they are advocates of the Delivery Management System that goes far above and
beyond other systems on the market.
When Duffy Contract Services were faced with the daunting prospect of entering the arena of logistics, it was Zone Manager that they decided to approach in order to find a web-based delivery management system which has become the foundation for the streamlined and highly effective logistics package they deliver.

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The University of Sussex

With Zone Manager being the preferred Delivery Management System for Focus Group Logistics, the incoming Operations Manager 1 ½  years ago, Travis Scott, had to get to grips with a system he was unfamiliar with. Rapidly impressed with the range of features and benefits Zone Manager offers, he has seen first-hand how Zone Manager’s flexibility and ease of use, to name just a few, has assisted in the management of countless construction projects with varying levels of scale, complexity and challenges.

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Zone Manager Case Study Focus Group
Focus Group LogisticsFocus Group Logistics

Focus Group Logistics have been making use of Zone Manager to assist in the management of large-scale construction projects for a number of years and they report that, by using Zone Manager, they have benefited from better management of site congestion and their ability to better manage their planning function.

Focus Group Logistics handle construction projects with budgets up to £300million. With projects of these scales even the slightest slippage in costs or scheduling can have huge knock on consequences.

It’s for that reason that the team at Focus rely on Zone Manager to support these projects with delivery management and site contractor information.

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Zone Manager Case Study Duffy Construction (1)
Duffy Contract Services Ltd

Duffy Contract Services Ltd

Duffy Contract Services have been utilising Zone Manager on a range of projects for several years now and continue to reap the benefits that this flexible tool has to offer.

From office refurbishments to multi-million pound external developments such as executive homes in Duxbridge and state of the art medical facilities, the management at Duffy’s say the efficiencies and benefits derived from the use of Zone Manager come in by the spadesful.

Duffy’s Logistics Managers cite the leading benefits of Zone Manager as; safety, congestion management, time saving, resource planning and clear up reporting. Read more

Battersea Power Station Development Battersea Power Station Development

“Zone Manager is a real asset to me in my day to day job as it enables me to manage deliveries to site with ease and efficiency…..I continue to be impressed with the way the Zone Manager software is frequently updated based on the feedback gathered from users. The support team are always on hand and ready to assist when needed………I would highly recommend Zone Manager to other Logistics Coordinators and hope to the use the tool again in future projects.”

Logistics Manager

royal-liverpool-hospital The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals

“One of the many advantages of Zone Manager is its innate ability to provide live reporting across the site including activity in specific zones……….Although I have used other site management tools in the past, I am particularly impressed with Zone Manager’s visibility capabilities……….I would highly recommend that every Logistics Co-ordinator makes Zone Manager their go-to management tool for their next construction project and beyond. ”

Logistics Manager

Canary Wharf Canary Wharf 

“Organising deliveries to site and scheduling cranes and hoists is critical. We needed a tool to manage the process effectively and the Delivery Management Software provided by Zone Manager proved to be the answer”.

Senior Logistics Manager

NHS Liverpool Zone Manager testimonial The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals

“Without Zone Manager it would be chaos”.

Logistics Manager