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Let Zone Manager help your construction sites in Clean Air Zones minimise and help manage congestion charges.

What are the implications of the congestion charges on Birmingham construction sites?

With Birmingham charging ahead with their Clean Air Zone Strategy, it is expected to be one of numerous cities to introduce the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) from June 2021. Birmingham’s CAZ will cover all roads within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road and all charges will apply daily, 24 hours, 365 days a year. Charges will be based on the type of engine and vehicle not the number of passengers or the weight of goods being transported.

With LGV’s that do not meet the criteria being charged £8 a day and HGV’s £50 a day, these will be costs that trade suppliers will ultimately want to avoid either paying directly or passing the costs on to the construction company.

There is a slight rest bite for commercial vehicles that do not meet the criteria where retrofit technology that is approved by the Clean Air Retrofit Accreditation Scheme cans be used and furthermore, commercial vehicles registered in the CAZ will be given time to convert in order to be fully compliant.

What measures can be taken by construction sites to manage the congestion charges in Birmingham?

 Construction Sites and trade suppliers operating in the CAZ will be looking to rationalise the number of deliveries to sites and Zone Manager, the Delivery Management System can achieve this. The information that the Zone Manager portal can give makes it possible to identify opportunities for improvement, rationalising the number of deliveries by consolidation and smoothing demand.  It can also assist with ensuring that the most appropriate vehicle is delivering to the site reducing potential congestion charge costs.

 With delivery movement in inner city areas causing increasingly high levels of emissions around local communities, it is the increasing moral responsibility of construction companies to work with suppliers to help minimise the emissions around schools, hospitals and local communities. A smooth operation, directed by a Delivery Management System such as Zone Manager can help ensure that relationships with communities are good and the health of those communities is not negatively impacted as a result.


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