Building momentum on firm foundations

With uncertainty surrounding the completion date of the new £335m Royal Liverpool Hospital, it is no surprise that the companies overseeing Carillion’s liquidation have adopted a vow of silence on the subject. Yes, it is no surprise to anyone that the scheduled opening for 2018 will be a challenge but they are indeed challenging times for the construction industry. Without sounding unrealistically optimistic, surely the wealth of experience and knowledge that sub-contractors have on these projects could collectively help rescue...

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The price subcontractors are paying for the Carillion crisis

carillion_blog Zone Manager Delivery Management System

With up to 30,000 SME’s within the Carillion supply chain being at risk of not being paid, it appears that sub-contractors are the ones who will literally pay the price for this crisis sweeping the construction industry. With a government bailout seemingly out of the question, it appears to be anyone’s guess as to whether current projects will be completed let alone if subcontractors will receive payment. What is apparent is that there are many questions still to answer and...

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Barcodes in construction

Barcodes are commonplace these days.  You find them everywhere from the side of a can of beans to the boxes delivered to your door.  High Street retailers use them all the time and yet they are not common on construction sites. Why is this? There are some good reasons.  Shops, warehouses  and distribution centres are, by and large, clean and dry places.   The goods and locations in a warehouse are all in neat piles and, where at all possible, packaged...

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