Case Studies: Focus Group Logistics – Travis Scott

Zone Manager Case Study Focus Group 2

With Zone Manager being the preferred Delivery Management System for Focus Group Logistics, the incoming Operations Manager 1 ½  years ago, Travis Scott, had to get to grips with a system he was unfamiliar with. Rapidly impressed with the range of features and benefits Zone Manager offers, he has seen first-hand how Zone Manager’s flexibility and ease of use, to name just a few, has assisted in the management of countless construction projects with varying levels of scale, complexity and challenges.

As the Operations Manager, Travis says that having the full control Zone Manager offers, is crucial to the smooth day to day running of projects. “Having the flexibility to add or remove cranes, hoists and gates ensures that there is an accurate, live and total transparent view of the usage, planning and movement of site resources. Without Zone Manager, it would be utter chaos.”

The fact that Zone Manager has been used on projects of varying sizes and complexities by Focus Group Logistics is testament to its innate ability to meet the needs of specific and complex project requirements.

From the large scale £150 million University of Sussex redevelopment project to the challenge of the super highway that the Blackfriars project brought with it, the ability to have complete transparency and control over traffic and sub-contractors were absolute priorities, the solutions for which Zone Manager continues to provide.

Furthermore, it is the gold standard level of ongoing support that Travis receives that sets Zone Manager apart.  “Because of their extensive knowledge and background in construction logistics, the team at Zone Manager are able to suggest creative and practical solutions to specific issues which are now commonplace on today’s construction projects. The fact that the team can offer ways in which Zone Manager can be configured and integrated with our own internal systems is simply outstanding.”