Case Study-Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Duffy Construction Case Study RNOH Zone Manager

It’s easy to understand why Duffy Contract Services have not only been utilising Zone Manager since their move into the world of logistics in 2016 but why they are advocates of the Delivery Management System that goes far above and beyond other systems on the market.

When Duffy Contract Services were faced with the daunting prospect of entering the arena of logistics, it was Zone Manager that they decided to approach in order to find a web-based delivery management system which has become the foundation for the streamlined and highly effective logistics package they deliver.
Stephen McCarthy, Group SHEQ Manager for Duffy Group Ltd cites a huge
plethora of benefits that Zone Manager offers on a wide range of projects but continues to be impressed by the ongoing flexibility and reinvention of the Delivery Management System functionalities:
“Having seen deliveries at other sites being what can only be described as a ‘free for all’, it was a huge relief to see the slick operation that Zone Manager drives.

It is without doubt a Delivery Management System that is underpinned by a well thought through and effective logistics package. It goes beyond the simple managing and booking of delivery traffic to sites by allowing on site resources such as hoists and cranes to be pre-booked so that deliveries can then be managed once on site.”

With sites such as the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital project, the live
reporting on large screens was instrumental to the logistical package for this project. The Zone Manager team were able to customise the live reporting in such a way that the scheduler was visible in multiple areas as well as bespoke intervals being set in order to give a transparent, live and accurate visibility of operations.

With frameworks such as BREEAM and the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) being increasingly on most site managers’ radars which demand thorough and detailed CO2 and emission reporting, it is something that Zone Manager produces as standard.

However, when Stephen requested a bespoke reporting format in order to meet specific requirements, the team at Zone Manager were able to quickly respond to,which, in turn, resulted in high praise from the CCS auditors.

Having seen other Delivery Management Systems in use, Stephen is keen to point out the specific features that sets Zone Manager apart including the
differentiated version on mobile and tablets that give traffic marshals and gate operators a streamlined version of the live reporting providing instant visibility of scheduled authorised deliveries. Marshals can then quickly process these deliveries and flag missing deliveries. Furthermore, the managing of all entrances, exits and fire exits in addition to managing orders has become an invaluable functionality for Duffy Contract Services.

But perhaps the jewel in the Zone Manager crown is the additional snagging and clean up feature that can seamlessly manage contractor snagging and clean up notices from within the existing Zone Manager system. Photos of the snagging issues can be uploaded with specific action deadlines and sent directly to the contractors which then provides invaluable evidence for the project manager.

Stephen McCarthy says, “Zone Manager’s flexibility and the expert team’s
willingness to build specific functionalities to meet the needs of different projects is just unrivalled.”