Carillion Plc. – Royal Liverpool Hospital

Carillion Plc. is a leading UK integrated support services company with a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and extensive construction capabilities. They were appointed to build the new Royal Liverpool Hospital.
The new hospital will have:

  • 646 beds, including a 40-bed Intensive Therapy Unit.
  • 18 state-of-the-art theatres
  • A large clinical research facility.

It will provide every patient with a single bedroom with en-suite facilities. Deliveries onto the site needed to be managed carefully. The construction is taking place right next to the existing hospital which has to ream fully functional until the first section of the new hospital is made available in 2017.

Bounded by the A580, West Derby Street and the existing hospital, the space for construction is extremely limited. Deliveries have to be managed carefully. Since the main building consists of 11 levels a lot of materials have to be lifted to height. As a result Hoist and Tower crane usage also needs precise management.

Knowing which Gate to use and which hoist goes to which level can be a problem.  Arriving at the wrong Gate would lead to vehicles circulating the one way systems.  To minimise this issue Carillion opted to use the Zone Guidance or  ‘Book off Plan’ option.  Using this contractors get so see site plans and can indicate where they are delivering to.  The process of booking then only shows them appropriate gates and hoists so they shouldn’t get it wrong!  There are 11 site plans, one for each level from the basement to the top floor.  The destination laydown areas are indicated on each level so th contractor knows what to select and the site administrator can see exactly where each delivery is aiming to get to.

The trades submit booking requests 5 days in advance. They are directed to book linked Hoist or Crane time at the same time, linking the delivery and resource bookings on the system. These are then checked and confirmed by the Logistics team. The result is a tight but feasible schedule making best use of time and resources.